Tips Against Lord Bloodcrown?

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7 years ago#1

Hmmm having a bit of trouble with Lord Bloodcrown. Main problem I'm facing is that vicious charge up attack. I can usually stop one hand, but the other crushes any me. Anyone got any tips on how to beat this guy? Thanks!

7 years ago#2
Use Lightning Strike whenever you can and when he is charging both hands to maximize damage. As far as I recall, three rows of golden walls block the beam completely. I used the Battle Wand artifact so that at the beginning of the battle I could incapacitate his hands charging. I also only used Gremlins to fight him. Didn't bother with Elites or Champs, not worth the wait time in this fight imo. You should make sure that no damage or as little as possible gets through from his arm beams, since that charges up his laser and you don't want him to use it too often. Lightning Strike isn't much about luck here since if you cast it while he's charging both hands, you have a better chance of hitting instead of missing. Also, the Gremlins hinder the hands very effectively due to short charge time. However, the head of the Bloodcrown is so far that Gremlin's damage is reduced quite a bit. Having Gremlins only also means you get a lot of chains which also charge your mp meter.

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7 years ago#3
I used Phoenixes and Gremlins.

Gremlins took care of the hands. Charge a Phoenix at the last possible moment before you die or, if it's in a bad position and you can't move it out of the way in time, charge it before it dies. You'll need the Phoenix charging up if his beam and hands go off at the same time.

Drop Lightning Strike whenever you have it. Use the Artifact that gives you full MP at the beginning of battle, the other artifacts won't help much here.
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7 years ago#4

Thanks Guys! All Gremlin strategy worked perfectly. Took awhile to charge the lightning and the RNG on where the lightning hit hated me, but I eventually beat him. Thanks again :)

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