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Associations (Archived)TGSnowwy19/19/2012
How long is the main game? (Archived)ilovejrpgs39/3/2012
Mia's Fun Fact???? (Archived)KillerThief00718/27/2012
Well, about alex ... (possible spoilers) (Archived)frank_swordsman48/26/2012
Beat the game. I'm overcome by questions and feelings of bittersweetness. SPOILS (Archived)culture_den28/26/2012
This game blew me away. (Archived)gamer000498/13/2012
This game is such a troll sometimes *spoiler* (Archived)Chaos_Missile18/13/2012
Kind of been wondering about something... *spoilers* (Archived)cheatermaster18/13/2012
..the heck do I go through Lost Woods? (Archived)Chaos_Missile18/6/2012
This game has sucked me in completely and totally from the get-go. (Archived)culture_den18/6/2012
Gonna play this game. This game part of a series? Also, general consensus on it? (Archived)culture_den38/5/2012
Who is more evil (spoilers) (Archived)crazyisgood48/1/2012
Is this better than the Playstation version (Archived)crazyisgood77/26/2012
Remake (Archived)legisu8627/24/2012
Who is your favorite character? (Archived)crazyisgood67/24/2012
Why do my character jump like idiots in an attempt to flee? (Archived)Chaos_Missile17/17/2012
This game (Archived)
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The new prologue spoils the game! SPOILERS (Archived)Rygon15/11/2012
New game from the creators of Lunar (Archived)gamer000415/7/2012
Amazing game,few questions... (Archived)RapidVengeance24/17/2012
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