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Are the anime scenes going to be left intact? (Archived)MonkeyMaster007101/20/2010
I never knew they're remaking the game... (Archived)cheatermaster21/20/2010
Samples for all the English VAs (Archived)winb8381/20/2010
its alright (Archived)jericho_s8351/20/2010
Nash has something to say to all of you. (Archived)Jahkeemyork11/19/2010
Do all weapons of the same type look the same? (Archived)Polixenes61/19/2010
Let me just say... (Archived)
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PSP & PSX Comparison Videos (Archived)Sighto21/19/2010
Is demo saved data compatable with the main game? (Archived)exchrystalsword61/19/2010
Ask Question for the NA Release (Archived)
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Is it just me or are the loading time.... (Archived)Zerowu31/18/2010
Bout to finish the ps1 version... (Archived)dionysis120091/18/2010
Haven't played the PS1 version... Play this one or PS1 first? (Archived)BigPapaHusker71/18/2010
How's the inventory? (Archived)namethatno1uses41/18/2010
okay so i played this game on the playstation and my question is (Archived)itachi58791/18/2010
some unlockable features? (Archived)SethJessa31/17/2010
finally no more messing with world map (Archived)BlazingSkies51/17/2010
Slightly let down... (Archived)
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I can't get the demo to start. :/ (Archived)Jackie_Chandler61/16/2010
Has anyone bothered to listen to the full song on the website? (Archived)blood_reaper21/16/2010
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