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6 years ago#1
Hello there GameFAQs! So I have seen some questions on the board about where a certain weapon can be obtained, how much it costs, how good it is upgraded, how good are the weapons on early-mid-late game, etc...
So, I thought I'd do a general guide of the weapons, refering their costs, location, and my personal preference when it comes to gun effectiveness/PaP'd gun effectiveness. I will be grouping these by location on the map, not by gun type, or by order you get them.

---- Lobby ----

1. Name: Olympia
PaP'd Name: Hades (Greek God)
Class: Shotgun
Cost: 500 Points
Capacity: 2 Rounds
PaP Changes: Higher Power, Longer Range, Incendiary Rounds.
Gun Effectiveness: I'll be up front with you here. This gun is possibly the worst gun on this map. Well, apart from the China Lake but we will get to that doozie later on. This thing has a HORRENDOUS reload time, which coupled with the 2 shell capacity will probably just get you killed after about round 4. As for it's PaP'd variant, it's a 1 shot kill on high rounds, but it is COMPLEATLY useless due to it's low round capacity if you want to get far. It's a fun weapon to use if you're packing speed cola tho, as lighting zombies on fire is always fun.

2. Name: M14
PaP'd Name: Mnesia (Reference to Amnesia)
Class: Assault Rifle (Semi-Automatic)
Cost: 500 Points
Capacity: 8 Rounds (16 when PaP'd)
PaP Changes: Grip Attachment making it easier to control recoil, Doubled Magazine, Higher Power.
Gun Effectiveness: This is the gun I recommend for very early game, as it has very basic damage which can be used for maximizing points with knife kills. After about Round 5 I would say though, it loses it's effectiveness due to the poor round capacity and relatively low power for a Semi-Auto. PaP'd it becomes useful, as it has a relatively large magazine and very managable recoil making it easy to aim for headshots, but in mid 10s early 20s it becomes rather useless, at least in my opinion.

---- Upstairs Hallway ----

3. Name: PM63
PaP'd Name: Tokyo and Rose (reference to Tokyo Rose)
Class: Sub-Machine Gun
Cost: 1000 Points
Capacity: 20 Rounds (40 when PaP'd)
PaP Changes: Dual Wielded, effectively double'ing your ammo and making it excel for players that like a run and gun style of play with CQC battles.
Gun Effectiveness: The worst SMG on this map in my opinion. Very low round capacity unupgraded, low power, relatively slow reload, very bad ammo loadout (120 rounds total)
I don't recommend this gun PaP'd if you are playing solo, unless you are very confident about your ability to stay alive in CQC. I do however recommend it if you are playing with a party of friends and are in charge of something like a window, as the inability to ADS won't hurt you too much in that instance. There are better options though.

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6 years ago#2
---- Foyer Room ----

4. Name: MP40
PaP'd Name: The Afterburner
Class: Sub-Machine Gun
Cost: 1000 Points
Capacity: 32 Rounds (64 when PaP'd)
PaP Changes: Doubles your clip (does NOT increase ammo loadout though), slightly increased Rate of Fire.
Gun Effectiveness: The best SMG you can buy off the wall. Very high ammo in the clip, good ammo loadout, good damage, managable recoil, great hip fire accuracy *winks*. This is a good gun to use up until round 15 or so when zombies start getting too strong, at which point I recommend PaPing it, but LOOK OUT for the decieveing high clip, the gun will still have 192 spare ammo and with 64 round clips you can burn though that QUICK and the ammo costs 4500 Points which is no joke.

5. Name: Stakeout
PaP'd Name: Raid
Class: Shotgun
Cost: 1500 Points
Capacity: 6 Rounds (12 when PaP'd I BELIEVE, I could be wrong on this one.
PaP Changes: Grip Attachment, doubled clip capacity, reloads 2 shells at a time.
Gun Effectiveness: Pretty good clip capacity makes this a mildly viable weapon for up to round 10 I'd say, altho I wouldn't recommend it. When it's PaP'd it's an excellent window weapon, but pretty much sucks like all the shotguns when you're playing solo. This weapon NEEDS double tap and speed cola, as those 2 perks nearly double the weapon's effectiveness as the reload times are pretty huge even when PaPd and the faster pump is always a welcome addition.

---- Dressing Room ----

6. Name: MP5K
PaP'd Name: MP115 Kollider
Class: Sub-Machine Gun
Cost: 1000 Points
Capacity: 30 Rounds (40 when PaP'd)
PaP Changes: Bigger clip.
Gun Effectiveness: It's a decent SMG, altho I highly recommend the MP40 instead because of the higher ammo count, this gun can be equally as effective as it is, so it just comes down to personal preference. Gets a pretty sexy clip size when upgraded, but has very low damage compared to other weapons. Overall a decent choice.

---- Stage ----

7. Name: Claymores
PaP'd Name: N/A
Class: Explosive
Cost: 1000 Points
Capacity: 2 a round and when a Max Ammo is picked up (note that you can't have more than 2 at a time)
PaP Changes: N/A
Effectiveness: A good addition to your arsenal, a lot of people seem to think they're a waste of points but they very well pay for themselves as they're permanent. Can get you out of very sticky situations where you get cornered and need a way to clear out a bunch of zombies.

8. Name: M16
PaP'd Name: Skullcrusher
Class: Assault Rifle (Assault Rifle+Exposive when PaP'd), 3 Round Burst weapon
Cost: 1200 Points
Capacity: 30 Rounds
PaP Changes: Grenade Launcher Attachment, Fully Auto.
Gun Effectiveness: DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT buy this gun unless you intend to upgrade it right away. Trust me, in it's non upgraded state it is nearly useless as a 3 round burst weapon with relative low power is a death sentance in zombies. HOWEVER! When you upgrade it it becomes arguably the best Assault Rifle upgraded as the fully automatic feature AND a grenade launcher for clearing out piles of zombies really make it a very versatile weapon. I would say it's a combo of the China Lake and the FAMAS.
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6 years ago#3
9. Name: AK74u
PaP'd Name: AK74fu2
Class: Sub Machine Gun
Cost: 1200 Points
Capacity: 20 Rounds (40 when PaP'd)
PaP Changes: Doubled magazine, Special Precision Sight
Gun Effectiveness: A good gun to have, although still inferior to the MP40 in my opinion. It has a VERY low clip size before it's upgraded, so look out for being caught reloading. When it's upgraded the sight adds a good ammount of extra accuracy and the 40 round clip is great. Overall a decent weapon, on par with the MP5K both in upgraded and normal forms.

---- Downstairs Hallway ----

10. Name: MPL
PaP'd Name: MPL-LF
Class: Sub Machine Gun
Cost: 1000 Points
Capacity: Couldn't collect info.
PaP Changes: Precision Sight, bigger clip
Gun Effectiveness: A very bad SMG, I would compare it to the PM63. It's not THAT bad, but it is definitly inferior to all other SMGs. When PaP'd it does get increased ammo, but it still is, in my opinion, a pretty bad choice if you want to go far.

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6 years ago#4
Awesome, thanks!
6 years ago#5
Ok I'm going to do the box guns now, altho some stats/specifics MIGHT be wrong, which I would appreciate to be corrected by someone if they are, I feel like my initial list is a bit lackluster so here goes!

11. Name: HK21
PaP'd Name: HK115 Oscilator
Class: Light Machine Gun
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 100 Rounds (150 when PaP'd)
PaP Changes: Bigger clip, bigger ammo loadout (a whopping 750 spare rounds + 150 round clip)
Gun Effectiveness: This is possibly the best gun if you're holding down an area without requiring alot of movement, it's fantastic unupgraded and becomes a BEAST when upgraded with a whopping 150 round magazine and 750 round loadout. The only downside is definitly the unavailability of purchasable ammo and the low mobility which can be your downfall if you're trying to move around.

12. Name: RPK
PaP'd Name: R115 Resonator
Class: Light Machine Gun
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 100 Rounds (125 when PaP'd)
PaP Changes: Larger clip, larger ammo loadout
Gun Effectiveness: Another great gun to upgrade if holding down an area without much moving around. Although inferior to the HK21 in pretty much every aspect, it's still a fantastic gun both upgraded and unupgraded, that is unless you're moving around when the low mobility will screw you up.

13. Name: M72 LAW
PaP'd Name: M72 Anarchy
Class: Launcher (Explosive)
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 1 Missile (10 when upgraded)
PaP Changes: The clip goes from 1 missile per reload to 10. Very fast Rate of Fire
Gun Effectiveness: This is what I call a Fun Gun, it's not too effective, but not too terrible either when upgraded, it's great as a back up weapon if you're playing with some friends, and is compleatly useless but still fun to use when solo. The 10 round "clip" makes it the M1 garand with grenade launcher of this game, and altho nobody uses it to get to high rounds, they use it to have a good time.

14. Name: China Lake
PaP'd Name: China Beach
Class: Launcher (Explosive)
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 2 Grenades (5 when PaP'd)
PaP Changes: The magazine goes from 2 grenades to 5 grenades and the reload takes CONSIDERABLY less time as it only requires you to load 1 grenade to refill the whole clip.
Gun Effectiveness: See M72 LAW, this is a pretty fun little gun to use, but if you want to have fun and have a decent weapon, stick to the M72 as it has a much bigger clip and better ammo loadout and power.

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6 years ago#6
15. Name: CZ75 (I will be covering both the Akimbo and Regular versions of this gun in this part, as the stats are basically identical.)
PaP'd Name: Calamity (Calamity and Jane when Akimbo)
Class: Pistol
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 12 Rounds (24 when Akimbo) (25 when PaP'd) (50 when Akimbo and PaP'd)
PaP Changes: Doubles the clip (+1) and becomes automatic (goes for both normal and Akimbo)
Gun Effectiveness: This is actually a MILDLY decent gun when Akimbo. It has quite high damage for a pistol, especially when Akimbo'd and upgraded. I really don't have much to say about this one as I haven't used it extensively enough. It's basically 2 mini SMGs when upgraded with dual wield.

16. Name: Python
PaP'd Name: Cobra
Class: Pistol
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 6 Rounds (12 when upgraded)
PaP Changes: Doubles the clip, Speed Reloader Attachment
Gun Effectiveness: It's a good back up weapon, especially when PaP'd. It has a pretty large clip, and with the speed reloader it becomes a very fast reload. If you liked the 357 Magnum in WaW you will like this. Once again sorry for the small description but I haven't used this much as I dislike pistols.
17. Name: AUG
PaP'd Name: AUG-50M3 (Awesome in 1337 speak)
Class: Assault Rifle (Assault Rifle+Shotgun when PaP'd)
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 30 Rounds
PaP Changes: Precision Sight, Underbarrel Shotgun attachment
Gun Effectiveness: This is a great gun overall, when unupgraded it is a highly powerfull and sighted rifle with a good ammo loadout and clip and high damage. When you upgrade it it becomes possibly the most versatile gun in this map, as it can snipe from afar with it's precision ACOG scope, and can hang with some of the shotguns up close with it's attachment, which by the way has 32 bullets to begin with and reloads 2 shells at time.

18. Name: FN FAL
PaP'd Name: EPC WN
Class: Assault Rifle (Semi Auto)
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 20 Rounds (30 when PaP'd, I'm not sure about these stats)
PaP Changes: Becomes a 3 round burst weapon, gains a Precision Sight
Gun Effectiveness: As you can probably guess by my despise of the M16 unupgraded, I would say this is one of my least favorite guns to upgrade, as I HATE 3 round burst weapons in zombies. Althought this gun is pretty high powered, I consider the 3 round burst upgrade to be nearly a detriment to those of us with a quick trigger finger. Overall, if you're ok with 3 round burst guns, this might be a good choice, and is definitly a better choice than the M16 unupgraded.

19. Name: FAMAS
PaP'd Name: G16-GL35
Class: Assault Rifle
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 30 Rounds (40 when PaP'd)
PaP Changes: Precision Sight, bigger clip
Gun Effectiveness: This is an overall good gun, it has high rate of fire and is pretty accurate if not sprayed, and upgraded it can be a very viable weapon when trying to both have high firepower and be mobile. It's a good combo of an SMG and an AR.
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6 years ago#7
20. Name: Commando
PaP'd Name: Predator (Both are Arnold Schwarzenneger movies, just saying :P)
Class: Assault Rifle
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 30 Rounds (40 when PaP'd)
PaP Changes: Increases ammo capacity and ammo loadout significantly, gets the Dual Mags attachment.
Gun Effectiveness: This is the perfect gun if you're the kind of guy that doesn't want to get Speed Cola. The Dual Mags make every other reload lightning fast so it's a great option, as it has pretty large clip and ammo loadout and great firepower.

21. Name: G11
PaPíd Name: G115 Generator
Class: Assault Rifle (3 Round Burst, Fully Auto when PaPíd)
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 48 Rounds
PaP Changes: Become fully automatic, slightly larger clip
Gun Effectiveness: This gun is actually a very viable gun for all kinds of strategies, especially when upgraded. Even tho Iím a bit biased since I dislike 3 round burst weapons, I think nobody can deny that the upgraded version is superior due to the fully auto component of it. It has very high damage and is mobile. Great gun overall.

22. Name: Galil
PaPíd Name: Lamentation
Class: Assault Rifle
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 35 Rounds
PaP Changes: Precision Sight
Gun Effectiveness: This is the one gun that is really not worth upgrading. Itís kind of a waste of points at least in my opinion. The damage increase is pretty minute and the precision sight isnít very important at least for me. Still, itís a viable gun to use in most strategies, Iím sorry if Iím repeating myself a lot but the Assault Rifles are all pretty much similar to each other.

23. Name: SPAS 12
PaPíd Name: SPAZ 24
Class: Shotgun
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 12 Shells (24 when PaPíd)
PaP Changes: Double the clip capacity, 1 single shell reloads the WHOLE clip, and itís FULL AUTO.
Gun Effectiveness: This is possibly the BEST weapon if youíre guarding a window on a group strategy, and itís probably the best leap from unupgraded to upgraded of ANY gun, as it gains SO MANY great features. Itís a VERY fun gun to use, I mean, who doesnít like a fully auto shotty?

24. Name: HS10
PaPíd Name: Typhoid and Mary
Class: Shotgun (Dual Wielded when PaPíd)
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 4 Shells (6 on each shotgun when PaPíd)
PaP Changes: Dual Wielding, increased ammo loadout.
Gun Effectiveness: Itís a decent gun, although the SPAS is superior in every way when it comes to high power shotguns. Itís a great weapon to guard a window with, but a pretty bad weapon if doing anything else. Overall decent, especially when upgraded.
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6 years ago#8
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6 years ago#9
25. Name: Dragunov
PaPíd Name: D115 Disassembler
Class: Sniper Rifle
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 10 Rounds
PaP Changes: Variable Zoom
Gun Effectiveness: Ok here we go, the most useless and ****** weapons in Nazi Zombies. The Sniper Rifles are horrid, thatís all I have to say, NEVER use them unless youíre just trying to goof around. They are inferior to everything, even the Olympia.

26. Name: L96A1
PaPíd Name: L115 Isolater
Class: Sniper Rifle
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 5 Rounds (10 when PaPíd)
PaP Changes: Variable Scope, increased clip size
Gun Effectiveness: Itís useless. Read Dragunov and imagine if it were that but a bolt action.

27. Name: Ray Gun
PaPíd Name: Porter's X2 Ray Gun
Class: Alien Pistol
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 20 Rounds (40 when PaPíd)
PaP Changes: Larger clip, larger ammo loadout, double damage
Gun Effectiveness: Contrary to popular belief, the Ray Gun isnít the god gun of zombies. It has very little splash damage and has 0 penetration making it bad for killing massive packs of zombies. BUTTTTTTT it is the best back up weapon in the game and can be compared to the Thundergun which I will talk about later. If you upgrade it it has A LOT of spare ammo and a BIG clip.
28. Name: Ballistic Knife
PaPíd Name: The Krause Refibrillator
Class: Knife Launcher (Auto Revive when PaPíd)
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 1 Knife
PaP Changes: Glowing Knifes, revives downed teammates.
Gun Effectiveness: Useful if your team is down a lot, as shooting a downed ally will heal them. Poor choice for combat, as damage is not notably increased, though melee speed is increased. Useless for solo

29. Name: Crossbow
PaPíd Name: Awful Lawton
Class: Crossbow
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 1 Bolt
PaP Changes: The bolt will attract zombies, just like the Monkey Bombs
Gun Effectiveness: Great for clearing out crowds of zombies, but Iíd honestly rather have something like the M72 Anarchy for this matter, but itís nonetheless a great desperation weapon when you need to get zombies away from you.

30. Name: Thundergun (Only available in Kino Der Toten)
PaPíd Name: Zeus Cannon
Class: ???
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 2 Blasts (4 when PaPíd)
PaP Changes: Doubles the clip, larger 1 hit kill range/radius
Gun Effectiveness: Probably the BEST back up weapon in the game, this gun will save you EVERYTIME you get in trouble with a simple tap of the trigger pushing back every zombie in front of you. The best overall gun in the gun, but pretty bad as a main weapon because of the poor ammo loadout. Should be the last gun to upgrade as it is fantastic unupgraded.

31. Name: Winterís Howl (Only available in ďFiveĒ
PaPíd Name: Winterís Rage
Class: Ice Pistol Thing
Cost: 950 Points (Random Box)
Capacity: 2 Blasts (4 when PaPíd I think)
PaP Changes: Faster freezing, bigger clip, longer freeze
Gun Effectiveness: The 2nd best back up weapon in the game, it can save you from most situations by slowing down zombies for large periods of time, great for both run and gunning and camping strategies.

Well thatís all I could come up with with the limited info I had at this point. Hope it was informative, and would appreciate feedback on wrong info. Thank you!
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6 years ago#10
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