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5 years ago#1
Before we begin:
-Turn on the Power
-Open up the doors until you get to the room with PhD Flopper.
-Be sure someone gets the VR-11 before it is required (Step 8).

You need to locate the door in the lower part of the room with PhD Flopper. Have anyone stand in front of it, and you will hear someone knocking and calling from the other side of the door. You will be given the first task of finding a fuse to fix the lights in their room. The fuse is upstairs, where PhD Flopper is, look on top of both desks and inside of the cabinets. You need to hold 'X' for all interactions (picking it up and placing it). Return to the door and place it inside the panel on the right.

More dialogue and you will be tasked to search and destroy four security systems. To destroy them, you need to use explosives. I have only tested Frags, Semtex, and the Scavenger, but I'd assume other explosives to work as well. You need to be sure that the explosions hit the glowing red spot. If you are off at all, it will not turn off. The first mechanism is behind you, where the door is. The second mechanism is behind Stamin-Up. The third mechanism is along the bridge extending from the base of the Lighthouse, where the AK-74u is, towards the broken ship. The fourth mechanism is off the left of the ship, where Claymores and Double Tap are located (it's to the right when you first go onto the ship). You do not need to do these in order. Return to the door when done.

STEP 3 (Co-Op Only):
Vodka, you must find the vodka! This requires cooperation. First, the vodka will spawn frozen, inside of ice, hanging on a ledge above another walkable area. It may appear on a railing, the bottom of a staircase, or the bottom of a leap down. To our knowledge, it only appears outside, on top of the PhD Flopper room, or on the power switch half of the ship. To obtain it, one person on top must knife the ice while another person is on a walkway below to catch the ice. The person who catches it needs to put it in the tube on the left side of the door. If you miss, the Vodka will spawn again in another part of the map..

STEP 4 (Co-Op Only):
You need to locate four Radios. Underneath the power room, where the box sometimes spawns, the first radio is on top of some equipment. In a corner of the Stamin-Up room, on top of some barrels is the second radio. The third radio is inside of some shipping containers on the right half of the back end of the ship, near where the zip line from the Lighthouse ends. The fourth radio is next to the door, look on top the cabinet under the staircase. You must hit them in order and within seconds of each other to activate the Morse Code light in the sky.

Now that the light is beeping out Morse Code instructions, you need to make your way to where the power switch is. Opposite of the power switch is a wheel and two levers you can interact with. Turn the wheel right twice, pull the left lever once and the right lever three times.

STEP 6 (Co-Op Only):
At this time, you need to set the code in the lighthouse. The code from top to bottom is 2746. Whenever you turn any of the dials, the dials on the floors above and below turn in the same direction. If you would like my method of doing this: Turn the top one to 2. Now look at the floor below. Count the number of turns you need to get to 7. Go down another floor and turn that dial the number of turns needed to get the above one to 7. Now set the bottom one to 6. Go up one floor and count the number of turns it needs to be 4. Go up to the one set at 7 and turn it that many times. Now go to the top floor and set it to 2 and all numbers should be correct.
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5 years ago#2
STEP 7 (Co-Op Only):
Now, you must find all four of the foghorns. They look like vents. The first is by the small pool of water near the AK-74u. The second is back where Sleight of Hand and the Sickle (which is across from Speed Cola) are. It is on a small spot of land in the corner to your right. The third is out side the lighthouse, at the corner of the PhD Flopper building. The final one is on the main island straight from the slide down to Speed Cola. You need to hit them in order, like the radios earlier.

There is now a green light running from a submarine to the middle of the lighthouse. You need the VR-11 at this point. Get any normal zombie (it can be a crawler) and make it go into the bottom floor of the lighthouse. Now shoot the zombie with the VR-11. It will run into the green light and begin to float upwards. You need to kill it before it reaches the top. The easiest way is to shoot it with the Scavenger or throw a Matryoshka Doll at it before it starts floating. Once it hits the top, the Golden Rod will lower to the ground floor and you may pick it up.

Place the Golden Rod into the tube at the door. After a bit, the fuse will start to act up. Knife the fuse after it starts to flicker.
You will now receive what looks like a Death Machine. This is actually the Wunderwaffe DG-2. Only one person may pick it up at a time. This also turns all bonus Death Machines you get from destroying George Ramiro's light into additional DG-2s. You cannot pack-a-punch it nor switch weapons, not even to grenades while using it. There is no time limit for it, but it ends when you run out of ammo. You should now have your Achievements and Gamer Pictures. Co-Op nets you the ones for Solo as well. The Gamer Pictures are Takeo (Solo) and Nickolai (Co-Op). The Achievements are Stand-In (Solo) and Ensemble Cast (Co-Op).

Bonus Facts:
-Taking out George's weapon gives you a perk and a Death Machine, and the person who took it out gets the achievement Quiet on the Set.
-Shooting a zombie twice with the VR-11 will explode it. This will give you the Stuntman achievement.
-The only other achievement is easy to obtain. Get the Scavenger and have a friend run in circles outside near the base of the lighthouse and AK-74u. Once he has 10 zombies, just shoot your Scavenger at them from anywhere on the ship to get Shooting on Location.
-The VR-11 gives your friends support. Shooting one with it will make them not attract zombies for 10 seconds or 20 seconds if the gun is upgraded. This is useful if you need to get someone revived, just shoot the person doing the reviving.
-To get more than 4 perks, you must break George's weapon and get the perk he drops. These perks will stack on until you get all 7.
-The most effective weapons to break George's weapon are the Scavenger and Death Machine. He has significantly more health when more players are in the match.
-Using the VR-11 will make him leave like he will if he is shot with other weapons after so much damage, but his weapon will not break and he will not give out the Death Machine and perk.
-The VR-11 will make George him calm down when shot at.
-There are 5 other radios that have logs from Rictofen on them. One is by Double Tap. Another is near Stamin-Up, under a half-closed garage-like door. A third is on top of the lighthouse, at the very end. Fourth is past Speed Cola, just keep going straight from the ramp past the island. And the last one is in the back half of the ship. It is downstairs from the MP40, in a corner of the pool of water.
-The music easter egg is easy to get. The first meteor is on a barrel near the spawn. The second is in a booth on the ship, two floors under the power switch. The final one is near PhD Flopper, under the stand with a clock on it.
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5 years ago#4
cecils7sword posted...
Nice, but don't forget to tell them they have to turn on the power first before you can start step 1 =)

Aphoristic posted...
Before we begin:
-Turn on the Power
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5 years ago#5
I just read it...for some reason i ddint see it =/ lol.
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5 years ago#6
Anyone wanna do the co op achievement?
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5 years ago#7
If you don't do the radios fast enough, do you have to start a new round?
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5 years ago#8

Very good

5 years ago#9
No one ?
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5 years ago#10
This should be a faq.
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