Call of Duty: encouraging kids to join the military?

#1MonkeyMassacrePosted 11/8/2010 10:32:21 AM
Ever since MW2, I've noticed a lot of younger kids suddenly desiring to be in the military, especially the marines. Notably, all these kids play an absurd amount of Call of Duty. They "love" to kill people and really want to in real life. I've even heard a couple of them say how "badass" it would be to do things done in CoD in real life. Most of these kids are fat or incredibly naive, or both. Almost none of these kids show potential to be in the military, ESPECIALLY the marines. And even if they were fit and able, CoD should not be a form of encouragement to joins the military. These kids think it will make them "cool." Fortunately, none of them would survive boot camp so they wouldn't be killed off. Instead they'll just lose all their dignity and run crying back to mommy, which is better than getting their heads blown off.

I'm just beginning to wonder if this is CoD's underlying purpose. To encourage people to join the military. I mean, these games are based on "real" warfare, right? Keyword: based. I don't think most people understand this, and I don't think the game developers are too concerned about that.

Now, I'm sure most of you will flame and troll me, which is fine, it doesn't phase me, but some of you have to at least admit you've noticed this trend. It's very sad.
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Children are stupid, hopefully when they get to 16 they'll think properly.
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But in the military you don't really kill anyone...
#6Pokemoncollect1Posted 11/8/2010 10:33:56 AM
If they want to join the military because of CoD, they aren't too bright. I actually heard some 13 year olds talking about joining the military to be a sniper (their names were like xMLGxSn1p3rx). I laughed SOOO hard at them.
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marketing tool by the military, only weak minded kids who play videogames join the military. or bottom 10% percent of HS students do.
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you kidding, bobby k doesnt have any other agenda besides making money. thats it
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anyways the probably wont be able to pass basic training.
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If kids want to the join army/marines etc
They would be spinning around with the most recent bolt-action shooting it with out aiming...
You get the picture...
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