Kids who have problem with graphics...

#1rhcp4llfePosted 11/9/2010 2:27:54 PM
... Really annoy me. If it means that much to you that the game doesnt have insane lifelike graphics, get the *** off 360 and get a ps3. Graphics is their forte, gameplay is ours. Honestly, if a game is "broken" because it doesnt have the best graphics ever seen you just need to get out. Treyarch focused on balancing out the MP, creating a memorable campaign, and adding on to the monstrous CoD franchise. They didnt add a crazy amount of new content, but its still a great game. If you cant get past the graphics on an otherwise amazing game I dont see why you even play. Its a good game. No question about it.
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Some people just focus more about graphics and honestly it's a legit concern that the graphics in a next game in the series aren't as good as the previous. You don't need to sound like you are on the marketing team for Treyarch, just respect people's opinions no matter how dumb you think they are.
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Wow dude you really care that much that someone wants the next game to look better than the last game? It's actually a good concern as I'm thinking of buying this but if the visuals are even worse by a little bit might make me rethink it. Grow up man you call them kids let the way your ranting makes you just as annoying as they are too you. ;) I might just wait to buy a cod game until the visuals are actually impressive to look at. However this might be a really fun game and enjoy it anyways who knows just depends on if I wanna just rent or take my chances.

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Youre getting the wrong impression. Its not like i wouldnt mind better graphics. It'd be great, but its nothing that will make me ever say a game sucks or is broken. Im saying the company had different goals in mind than graphics. By no means am i marketing them.
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^ *Tips top hat* Well said good sir... well said.
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Last post was directed at therickmu25
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it dosen't look worse than MW2 think you people need you're eyes checked or better tvs... I'm on a 60' sony bravia 3d tv and it is gorgeous
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^^Tips eyeglass monacle , good day sir.
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Graphics is their forte, gameplay is ours

Stopped reading here...
but then I continued for a good laugh.

Your whole post makes you sound like a total treyarch fanboy. Treyarch sucks. Liking them and hating IW might have became cool after MW2, but now people realize that CoD3 sucked, and WaW's only good mode was Nazi Zombies. Sorry your fantasies about Treyarch never came true.
The graphics really should be a concern. If CoD wants to stay the most popular series in the gaming industry, they need to keep up with new technology. It might be a little hard since Activision is squeezing every bit of life out of the series, but don't worry, soon enough, Activision will repeat its mistakes CoD will be as dead of a fad as Rock Band and Guitar Hero.
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"Tips eyeglass monacle , good day sir."

Lol nice