Best Rush/Stealth class?

#1BeastlyMonkPosted 11/14/2010 11:46:15 PM
So I'm looking for a rushing/stealthy class what do you think would be the best setup? I prefer SMG's and I've tried out the AK74U but for some reason I just can't do well with it using a silencer, unsilenced I have no problem.
Is there any other SMG's that are really good for rushing around with silencer? I'm guessing the best perk setup would be Ghost Pro, Steady Aim Pro, and Marathon Pro (since we basically get ninja without using the perk until they get the sound situation fixed.) Not sure what I should use equipment wise though, I've been using claymores and just placing them in high traffic area's whilst I move about the map but perhaps there's something else that would be more beneficial?

tl;dr : Rush/stealth class prz.
#2HelilizardPosted 11/14/2010 11:51:16 PM
MP5K w/ Silencer
Ballistic Knife
Motion Sensor
Ghost Pro
Steady Aim Pro
Marathon Pro

Place the motion sensor in a high traffic area. Continue to rush/stealth until you are having trouble finding enemies (usually due to swapping spawns). Throw a decoy into the area with the motion sensor and prepare to rush behind the red dots moving into the motion sensor.

That is the best combination of stealth and rushing that I can think of.
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#3BeastlyMonk(Topic Creator)Posted 11/14/2010 11:53:11 PM
Hmm, yeah I must say that does sound like a very clever idea. Thanks I'll have to play around with it some :P