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Me and a few friends have been playing ascension like crazy since it came out and I think we have a pretty good strategy going on. Keep in mind this is with four players.

At the start of the game, we farm money as usual. One person to each window. I don't buy any weapons in the first room to maximize points, so I just rebuild while knifing all the zombies at my window when I eventually run out of pistol ammo. We make a crawling zombie during wave 5 or 6, then the person with the least money opens the door on the bottom. Then the next person with the least and so on. We do this all the way until we turn on the power and have opened the PaP room. After that we kind of keep mystery box-ing until we get our weapons of choice. Those being any combination of LMG's, Ray Guns, Thunderguns, and Gersch Devices.

For the duration of the game we stay at the Flopper lander area, one person at the room with a window, one at the balcony, and two guarding the middle. Normally we try to set it up like this:

Balcony Player
-Ray Gun
-Either Mustang and Sally or the Anarchy (Basically some kind of explosive) OR an upgraded Crossbow
-Gersch Device

Orange Room Player
-Ray Gun or close Quarters Weapon
-Gersch Device

Middle Players
-Upgraded LMG's
-Ray Guns
Gersch Devies/Doll Grenades

So here's the battle plan, right? Everyone HAS to have Juggernog and Flopper. They can get more perks if they want, but those two are an absolute must have. The two people in the middle basically hold it down, switching off when one or the other need to reload. If it gets too crazy for the middle players, the two window watchers alternate between using the Thundergun and thinning out the crowds with explosives. When one of the middle players begins to run low on ammo, the other player starts to move to the base of the stairs with his LMG and Ray Gun while the other player runs up and down the stairs Flopping nonstop. These two alternate when necessary. The other players can rotate so that everyone gets money.

That's pretty much it. We get past level 20 like nothing with this strategy. Our only obstacle is that in the later levels, zombie health starts to get insanely high. In wave 25-26, we get max ammo too close together for it to make a difference, leaving us with low to no ammunition two or three rounds before the monkeys appear. I know it's based on chance, but the lack of the max ammo powerup is the only thing that hinders our progression.

Any other strategies would be greatly appreciated!
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25-26?? LMAO

i get that all the time just messing around..

the best strategy would be to split up...

1 guy stay in the starting point, the lunar lander where the centrifrugal thing is..

1 guy stay and kite zombies in the area outside the PAP room..

2 guys can stay in the phd flopper area... or if not, the last guy can go to the stamina-up perk machine area...

this way everyone would have a managable amount of zombies to kite and kill...

my highest R33 with 4 players..
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My other friends aren't as great at shooters as I am, so I have to pick up so much slack. I'm amazed we get as far as we do. But yeah, given that they aren't that good, splitting up isn't the greatest idea.I'm thinking. Anyone got a better strategy for staying in one spot?
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in my opinion, the max number of players to stay in the phd flopper area is 3... 4 and u'll get over-run very soon... everything starts going crazy in the big open area.. a few zombies would stray and go into the phd flopper room, some would go up the stairs to the balcony...

when we got to round 33... our best guy did his thing in the starting area...

3 of us camp the phd area... 1 guy guarding the window inside the phd flopper perk room.... the other 3 guards the main stairs... the guy in the phd flopper room has to have the ballastic sickle knife... if any of the 2 outside gets down, he shoots his ballastic knife to revive them...

i would say the best would be 1 guy main starting room

1 guy PAP area

2 guys phd flopper area...
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It wasnt a strategy but 3 friends and I made it to round 25 I believe with this setup.

player 1:ray gun, anarchy with a gersch device. Perks were juggernog, phd, and speed cola. Guarding stairs of lander

player 2:ray gun, anarchy with a gersch device(mystery box was wierdly consistant). Perks were juggernog, phd, speed cola. Guarding stairs with player 1

player 3:Ballistic knife(with sickle), dual czs. Perks were juggernog, phd, speed cola, quick revive. Guarding upstairs

player 4:ray gun, hk. Perks were juggernog, phd, speed cola, stamin-up. Guarding room next to stairs

All of these weapons were PaPd and the general strategy was anarchy users clear the stairway, with the person on the elevated area to dive off when there was a big crowd of zombies. Saved a lot of ammo, the ballistic knife person would knife the zombies at their window and use czs in case a few zombies slipped past player 1 and 2. Player 3 was support pretty much. We all had 65k or so points and anytime we got low on ammo the anarchy users created crawlers and everybody would hit the mystery box and then PaPd.

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We made it into the 20s. I know it doesn't sound too great but we lost because two friends got off. We were camping by the speed cola lander. There is two windows. One person on each. My friend had the sickle ballistics knife and he sat there and knifed the zombies on his window. Then the other window was watched with a ray gun. The middle was watched with 2 LMG and a ray gun and thundergun when they came too far.
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Near PhD Flopper

2 players gaurd both windows

Everyone has PhD and Juggs

2 people gaurd the stairway have them alternate PhD flopper attacks and the one thats waiting for his/her turn shoots at the ones that did not explode.
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Killer tips in this thread.

I put together some strategy guides at http://blackopszombies.info/strategy-guides/

Any ideas on other stuff that needs to be added?

Nice strategies, OP and others.