Top 10 class types/styles and possible setups?

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6 years ago#1
like... rusher? camper? LMG? in between?

What are the best classes for core and hardcore TDM?
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6 years ago#2
suppressor ghost ninja

then do this
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6 years ago#3
Core TDM
Ak-47w/ Dual mags.
Strela-3 (Ghost) CZ75 w/ ExMags (Flak Jacket)
Ghost/Flak Jacket Pro
Hardened Pro
Ninja Pro

I dont play Hard Core :(
kthxbi. (:
6 years ago#4
My favourite class atm..

Silenced Spas.
CZ75 w/extMags (for when you get caught reloading the Spas)
Ghost/Flak Jacket Pro
Steady Aim Pro
Hacker Pro.
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6 years ago#5
My Favorite class:

Galil / Suppressor
Python / Acog

Ghost Pro
Sleight of Hand Pro
Hacker Pro

I run around with this class, never camp - Ever... Objective games... Very easy...
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6 years ago#6
the best class is what you feel comfortable with. For instance an M60 user that is competent and comfortable with the weapon can 'dig in' to a location and lock it down from entire enemy teams while a competent SMG ninja silencer rusher can flank a team and wipe them out before they know what hit em but their jobs cannot be interchanged with as much success.
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6 years ago#7
Frag/concussion/Motion sensor
Ghost pro/slight of hand/second chance
6 years ago#8
Flak Jacket Pro
Sleight of Hand Pro
Tactical Mask Pro

FAMAS/AUG with Extended Mags
Doesn't matter

Frag Grenade
Concussive Grenades

Amazing class for pub matches. Especially in Ground War.
6 years ago#9
FAMAUG74u Owner
Stoner63 Ext. Mags
Doesn't Matter
Frag (for campers)
Nova Gas (same reason)
Jammer (hatin' on the campers)
Marathon/Hacker (low move speed is a pain)

This will pretty much always win as long as you don't get shot at first, and even if you do at long range (assuming perfect accuracy). You can change the nades/equipment, but those work best against the campers.
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6 years ago#10
In no particular order...

Chicken w/o a head but w/ 2nd chance
I make go BOOM!!1

I have two classes pretty much equally good for TDM.
Famas with dual mags
Python speed loader
Conc/semtex/motion sensor
SoH Pro
Hacker Pro

Silenced Commando
Silenced CZ75
SoH Pro
Hacker Pro

First is good if I'm on a decent/good team, the second is good if I'm against a good team, or my team is terrible.
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