Guide to Theater mode 1.0

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Excellent, thank you.
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From: Obscuros | #004
10) If you want your clip to be directly uploaded to then you must also link your account. This is also available on your theater page once you are logged into If you do not link to a youtube account, then you can still watch the movies on the call of duty website.

Maybe you can help me TC!
After I link my account to windows live I get this screen:
I don't see any option to link my youtube account?
Even when I run firefox in safe mode there's nothing there.
What am I missing tc?
Thanks in advance.
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wow great information TC. this is awesome and my only question is if you know if or how you could make your clips longer than 30 seconds....thanks again
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Wow this crap got stickied. All it does is repeat the instructions given at and in game. Someone is friends with a mod.
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I'm currently rather amazed that my MW2 FAQ didn't get stickied while this has been.

Mods are strange.
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dont worry
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From: Alternative_1 | #105
I'm currently rather amazed that my MW2 FAQ didn't get stickied while this has been.

Mods are strange.

Nah the guy that wrote this is most likely a personal friend with a mod.
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**Note: I highly recommend you change the control scheme to digital. The main difference is that LT is used for slow motion and RT for fast forward while the d-pad is used to jump forward / backward. This makes it much easier to capture moments in slow motion.

Um, thank you very much at least for this. I love capturing C4 kills and leading it in slow motion. The digital scheme makes it so much easier to do.
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lmao...I dont know any mods. And honestly I made this mostly as a guide for people to learn how to post online. That is the most asked question I see on the boards. I have never seen anyone ask about the dolly.

If i wanted to go all out I would made it a faq. This is just a sticky. When I make the the 1.1 version I will add the dolly camera since omitting this one aspect has made everyone go mad.....geez.
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All topics with a Version # in front of it= Sticky
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Lame that its only 360p :(
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