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5 years ago#61
^ just to follow up on the above - I was able to finally see my video clips on Youtube. The first one took a whole day to show up, meaning it was available to view the following day but the subsequent clips now take just 5 minutes. It was the first one that was the problem. It gets easier once you've established your bona fides with the first video clip. This bit of info was missing in the guide.
5 years ago#62
dratsab posted...
From: coppercap | Posted: 2/8/2011 8:53:40 AM | #056
I would like to have some tips to improve the quality of my video's I want to upload to Youtube.
Right now, the sound is lagging, and graphics are only 360p
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5 years ago#63
any word from 3arc as to when Theater mode will move away from "beta" and into >360p res >30 seconds in length on Youtube-uploaded clips?
5 years ago#64
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I went to pull a free for all game up that i got done playing about 30 min had passed before i went to pull it up. It's not showing. All others games are showing just not that one. Sucks because i had a wicked hacket throw that i wanted to clip. Any one know why this game wouldn't be showing up?
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5 years ago#67
Shadiggz posted...
You forgot the Dolly camera
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5 years ago#68
I uploaded a clip hours ago and it still isnt showing in my theater
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5 years ago#69

since the newest patch only 2 to 3 minutes of my matches have been showing up in theater mode,ive been using it for a while making videos and this is the only problem ive had,is this happening to anybody else

5 years ago#70
No one can ever post on this again because its at 69 posts

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