Rank all zombie maps from best to worst.

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5 years ago#1

I haven't purchased any of the map packs for Black Ops yet. Which zombie map is the best? (excluding all WAW maps of course) A lot of people are saying moon is the best, what do you guys think? I'm not sure which map pack to download.

5 years ago#2
Moon - Ascension - Shangri La - Kino Der Toten - Five - Call of the Dead
5 years ago#3

Never played Shangri-La
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5 years ago#4
Moon > CotD > Kino > Ascension > Der Riese
5 years ago#5
Moon > Shangri La > COTD > Ascension

Get Rezurrection. You get Moon and the 4 classics from WaW!
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5 years ago#6
CotD>kino>ascension>moon>shangri la> five
5 years ago#7
Moon > Ascension > Shangri La >Call of the Dead.
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5 years ago#8
wow everyone seems to like moon in this thread...haven't played my 360 in awhile...maybe I'll get this new mp
5 years ago#9
I know this is all opinion.. but what is there to love about ANGRY-LA? Some noob runs through the spike floors and bam your down becuase the spears won't go back down OR you're stuck in them...

Running away???? well then BOOM eat a napalm zombie in the face game over so not fun.

But yeah to each their own for sure, this map just makes me rage.. unfortunately the DLC multiplayer maps that are with shangri-la are the best MP maps... worst zombie level imo.. wait no I'm sorry Five > Shangri-La in that order for the worst zombie maps...

And dead ops arcade doesn't exist in my vocabulary.
5 years ago#10
If you're getting a map pack for zombies, it's this one, no question, not even a doubt
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