Here's one of the new killstreaks that will be in Black Ops 2

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This is a promo done by FPSRussia for the next Call of Duty game. This is a replica of what will actually be used in the game: A small, mobile flying machine with a machine gun attached to it. It is also likely it can self-destruct, causing a grenade effect.

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From: haloiscoolisbak | #002

It's essentially a recon drone mixed with an assault drone. Not really that OP, considering it doesn't have any missiles.

Also I'm really mind f***ed right now. Just how much does Kyle(FPSRussia) have to do with Black Ops 2? The second promo on the CoD website is a picture of the TACITUS logo, and no doubt when it's unscrambled, will link to something FPSRussia related.
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I like how Activision went to him for advertising. I hope more game developers use YouTubers like him to promote stuff :3
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That video is effin AWESOME!! period
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So it's the equivalent of a flying RC car but it also has a machine gun attached to it? Nah that won't be overpowered or annoying.
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