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7 years ago#1
Anyone know if there is a money code/ cheat yet? Its hard to get promoted and my sim is broke.....
7 years ago#2
Just fish. You can sell the fish and easily earn 600-800$ per fishing trip. No need for a job
7 years ago#3
Just fish. You can sell the fish and easily earn 600-800$ per fishing trip. No need for a job

I have no clue why jobs are so unbalanced. You can talk to your boss to figure out how many more days you need to work to get promoted...

2 days to get the $150 promotion
10 days for the $200 promotion
15 days for the next promotion

It doesn't stack either, so after doing 12 days to get to the 2nd promotion you need to work for 15 more days to get promoted.
7 years ago#4
Your promotions depend also on where you work, and who your boss is.

I got promoted to the 200$ level after 3 days at work (Town Hall). Just got my boss up to Good Friend, and then asked. I just needed to have 5 friends.
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7 years ago#5
How can you tell how many days you have to wait? Or do you just have to keep asking every day until it works?

Furthermore, how do you know when you've been promoted as high as you can go? And do all the highest-paying jobs in each career pay the same, or should I switch to something more lucrative than the lab?
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7 years ago#6
My sim works at the lab and besides befriending the boss, I had to have a certain amount of fishing and gardening skills to get promoted. After I got the necessary skills, I asked and got a promotion.
7 years ago#7
The City hall and lab pay the same and when I switched I I was at the job with 250$ then asked for a promotion and got it to 300$ I've never done the quick mart but I'm sure it pays the same as all the other jobs and I can't really get a job because I slapped the !@#$ out of bernie but fishing is really good and gardening is not so good
7 years ago#8
yeah gardening is not very efficient when it comes to making money considering the time and effort you have to put in.
Does anybody know if it is possible to make over $300 with any job?
7 years ago#9
Okay, this is going to be stupid, but...How do you actually sell things? >_>; I can never seem to find the option whenever I go to a shop to do so. I think I'm blind. xD - Join!
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7 years ago#10
Easy. When you go to buy something you use the + to select how many you want. You use the - to sell them back
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