There's a glitch for naked female CAWs this year

#1Makeveli_livesPosted 11/2/2009 12:39:45 PM
There is a glitch in the new SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 video game where one can create a Diva that is pantyless in the "Create a Superstar" mode. Players have been uploading videos of their creations to YouTube, but THQ is having them quickly removed.
#2philliesfan94Posted 11/2/2009 1:16:19 PM
ya and yukes/thq will send out a patch to fix it and just fix that nothing else i see it coming.
#3Re_AnimatorPosted 11/2/2009 2:49:36 PM
Exactly...THQ's moto is: "Forget fixing all the glitches and bugs! Freezing? Who the $#^@ cares!? We've made our money!"

But wait! There's a naked diva CAW "bug"!

THQ: "A naked diva CAW "bug"? WE ARE ALL OVER THAT $#!7! No way can we have that lying around...we'll release a patch for THAT in less than 72 hours!"

Sorry...but what douchebags they are. Oh noes! Nakedz womenz in digital/cartoon format is EVILZ!

I find the whole thing hilarious. Rather than publicly address and ease the fans that they are working on a patch for more pertinent issues...we hear nothing. But a few people exploit aspects of THEIR OWN BUGGY MESS OF A GAME...and they start having the vids to their buggy mess of a game taken down.

This is the last time I give THQ money for their WWE games. Apparently their priorities are a heavily mixed bag.
#4Re_AnimatorPosted 11/2/2009 2:55:06 PM
And can all expect the patch they release to fix this issue to BREAK the game in new found ways.

Because they don;t care about releasing stable products...and because they only want to remove THIS particular "glitch", they won't care to invest the time in making sure the patch that removes this aspect doesn't, in turn, cause issues of its own.

Mark my words...they release a patch for can expect it to break other aspects of the game. Sadly, this game's trade in value is already dropped to $24 on Amazon. Glad I bought this for $38.
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Well its considered a sports game so price dropping for trade isnt anything new or exciting. Yes....they do need to fix some stuff but the naked chick part is the least of their worries
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#6Re_AnimatorPosted 11/2/2009 3:05:48 PM

Just because its a sports game does not justify the price drop. Madden fetches $25 and has been out WAY longer than SvR 2010.

In fact...look at UFC! That game still fetches $25 trade in.

SvR 2010 has been out what? 2 weeks maybe? And it's already at $24 and dropping?

That says a whole lot. It means a lot of people are trading this in, hence trade in prices drop because of heavy supply and less and less demand.

Face it...this game, and its "creative designer" Bryan Williams are full of FAIL.
#7afridi118Posted 11/2/2009 7:53:37 PM
but madden after 15 to 16 months is like 50cents to 3$ trade in where smackdown worth is around 2 to 5 this for ps2 actually could maybe same for ps3
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The videos have been removed so could someone tell how its done?
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I haven't seen it for 24 dollars anywhere yet but maybe I haven't been looking in the right places. cheapest I've seen it was something like 38 bucks.
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Posted 11/2/2009 7:07:08 PM
message detail

The videos have been removed so could someone tell how its done?
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lol perv wants to see naked cartoons!!!!
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