Anyone pre order?

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User Info: Informer99

7 years ago#1
I just paid off my copy today, so I'm set. Anyone else pre order their copy?

User Info: thetoxicjocker

7 years ago#2
pre-ordered mine 2 days ago...when it comes out i have to pay zero dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!

User Info: SuperCronos

7 years ago#3
How much is it.
Peace be with you.

User Info: sinfullservant

7 years ago#4

I'll be pre-ordering just as soon as Amazon offers it.

User Info: nashkevin123

7 years ago#5
I'm sorry

you will have to wait a week on amazon for it. gamestop is like 2 days .

but target and walmart always have plenty of copies . So no need to pre-order it. A week is a long time. I finished 30 perfect caws and unlocked everything in a week last year.

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