What ever happened to preorder with a gift?

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7 years ago#1
I remember back when i pre-ordered one of the Smackdown games it came with like a poster and one of them came with a gift, whatever happened to that?

that made people pre-order the games more

anyone know what happened to that, not just "they stopped it" but why did they stop it?
7 years ago#2
they usually dont reveal what the gift is until october. last year it was a lunch bag with the smackdown vs raw 2009 logo and the last 3 years at toys r us its been an action figure wearing a shirt with the logo on it.
7 years ago#3
really?? because i have bought all the SvR games on pre-order so far and i haven't gotten any gift from them
7 years ago#4
thats weird. sometimes if enough people have pre ordered it then some get it and then it becomes an in store gift. for example smackdown vs raw 2009 I got the lunch bag off gamestop.com yet a friend of mine pre ordered it after me from the same site and didnt receive anything.
7 years ago#5
what if i already pre-ordered it can i still get a gift later on
7 years ago#6
yeah if you pre order it and they add a gift to it later on you still get it
7 years ago#7
what if i paid it all off already...when i go pick up te game will they give it to me right there or only iv i put money in a few weeks before???
7 years ago#8
They have something better now...it's called Collector's edition.
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7 years ago#9
collectors edition is a huge waste of money
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