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6 years ago#1
1.Multiple costumes for the CAW you make.You should be able to have 2 or 3 costumes you can change to for your CAW.
2.Online play for the Wii.They had it in 2009 they need to bring it back in 2011.
3.Lumberjacks matches. So you can put people out side the ring for you.
4.More legends you can choose from.
5.The ability to go into the crowd and fight.
6.Create a submission move.
7.Superstar dowload, if a new wrestler joins the league you THQ will make him/her and you can download him/her to your game.
8.Intergender matches,a man can fight a diva or vice versa.
If there is anything else you think they should add post here
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6 years ago#2
I agree, more legends and more caw things to make legends. Have a beter road to wrestlemania and other things
6 years ago#3
More scenarios and scenes for Story Designer. Better graphics. I believe SvR 2009 for XBox/PS3 had better graphics than SvR 2010 for Wii.
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6 years ago#4
Edit the buttons back to DoR's control buttons.
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6 years ago#5
Wow, I stopped playing this series a while ago. When did they stop having intergender matches?
I suck at this game, but I still pwn at Brawl, though.
6 years ago#6
2010, this is the first game that doesn't allow intergender matches. There is a mixed tag match however, where a superstar & a diva team up to fight another superstar & a diva. But its just like on a WWE program: males must fight males and divas must fight divas. And if a superstar tags his diva partner in and their opponent doesn't within 5 seconds, they get Disqualified.
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6 years ago#7
to further elaborate this is the first fighting game period in history that bans intergender fighting it makes history but not in a good way
6 years ago#8
This is ironic. In SmackDown! 2, the female Superstars are basically treated the same as the males.
I suck at this game, but I still pwn at Brawl, though.
6 years ago#9
ability to use paint tools and what not to actually design the tights and pants (full customization) -- although there will be those who do stupid things with it
6 years ago#10
lol i love this game i made like 12 legends.
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