Question about the wii version??????????

#1jeffmaas4887Posted 8/20/2010 6:23:24 PM
I am an xbox 360 owner and just recently bought the nintendo wii.
I have smackdown vs raw 2010 on the 360 but am curious for the 2011 version.
on smackdown vs raw 2010 for the wii, are you able to use custom music for entrances like on the 360?
Example- tommy dreamer, man in the box by alice in chains.
just curious for my 2011 sm v rw choice.
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#2sheriffnocryPosted 8/20/2010 9:12:46 PM
No you can't. Never get a SvR game for Wii. NEVER
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#3jeffmaas4887(Topic Creator)Posted 8/21/2010 4:53:38 AM
thank you. guess i will get the 2011 for 360 and lucha libre for wii, thank you again.
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