wwe games and what we want from them?

#1ztrePosted 8/23/2009 6:03:54 PM
OK, guys give it your best shot to let them know what we would like to see in the next WWE title in a nut shell. Your perfect WWE game plays like what? for me? this is what I want - I'm really getting tired of Sid vicious not getting put into these games as Sid is the man. Besides him I'd like to see most of the stars from the last legends game fighting under this system and not some special fighting system that stinks. All my favorite tag teams like the natural disasters - demoliton all three members - powers of pain - steiner brothers- LOD - killer bees . Sting - Zeus - the mighty hercules - kerry von eric - hacksaw - lex lugar - hulk hogan .. good and bad - and I want them all with intros, original music - customizable out fits and moves. Not only do I want to create finishers but all my wrestling moves down to the T . They should automatically add every wrestling move ever made into the game. you should also be able to juice your created wrestler up from the get go like in madden. full stats if you so desire, and brand new music for created wrestlers or always allow us to add our own music tracks if thats to hard a thing. In story mode you should be able to kiss up to mr Mcmahon and get on his good side where he lets you get away with murder and get revenge on any wrestler. Start your own factions and let it play out in story mode. all the twist and turns of being betrayed by members. you know '' the works'' a lounge where the wrestlers can just hang out and play arm wrestling,darts,pool,listen to music or just plot some get back. you should be able to kick is if they it to the divas and have them date you. that is if they like you. and you should get to buy a house and fix it up with trips to the store,mall, whatever. + cars, clothes, cell phones to call your crew and have them meet you somewhere or jump somebody. oh yeah! with all those goodies comes Bills - so u better do good in the ring or your pay check wont cut it and u can kiss the girl good bye, unless she's really a keeper. You should be able to hang out with your girl or crew out side of the wwe. where you can get jumped if your not careful or mobbed by fans. NOW ''Can you dig it suckaaaa'' lol
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remember if they put all that stuff in the game this year they dont make money next year ALLTHOUGH your ideas are great in my opinion why put all that nice stuff in one game one year on one system when they can system exclusive things like the ambulance match this year for the ds and make hardcore wrestling fans go out and get the game and if they dont have the game they might get the system for the game...remember they have nothing to lose and everything to gain...theres a lot more freedom this year as pretains to create modes and next year they might work on getting rid of the useless TLC match and then next year they might put vintage wcw arenas or vintage raw and smackdown arenas...ive been telling people this idea and they like it but thq isint likely to put everything in one game because they will have nothing for the next game but really good ideas :)
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So basically we can never have that all time awsome wwe game with everything being just what we wanted? Guess we will have to make our own company then. lol