Why do everybody use Goku all the time?

#1CyberLance26Posted 6/15/2010 5:19:19 AM
Seriously everydamn time i play a single match on ranked or player matches my opponent always picks Goku and on Tournaments its mostly only Gokus everywhere.
Even my online friends mostly use him.
Why does everybody that play this game only want to use Goku?

Is it because he does not need to charge any smash attacks at all and hes the hardest character in the whole game to vanish so you never need to worry that your opponent will be able to fight back or escape once you get a hit?
And because he got great super moves and hes extremely fast compared to most of the other characters?
And because he simply is the best character in the whole game so people use him so they can win as easy as possible?

Its starting to get really repetitive and boring only fighting the same character everytime i play this game.
It seems people feel like they are forced to use Goku or else they wont be able to win.
I really dont think Goku is pretty much everybodys favorite Dragonball character and that thats the reason why you only see Gokus online all the time.

I really hope they make RB2 a lot more balanced so people wont only use the same boring characters all the time like on this game.
If they make another character the by far best character in the whole game on RB2 i suppose everybody online will only use that character instead.
Would be so nice if people could use the characters that they like the most from the show instead of the guys they can win the easiest with.
#2gamedude1072Posted 6/15/2010 6:04:40 AM

everyone likes Goku :)

#3CyberLance26(Topic Creator)Posted 6/15/2010 6:09:32 AM
Yea but i dont think hes everybodys favorite Dragonball character.
And i dont think that that people like him as a character in the show is the reason why people only use him online.
#4TwilightOrochiPosted 6/15/2010 6:43:46 AM
He's my number 1 favorite character from the show :D
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#5malvingt2Posted 6/15/2010 6:58:12 AM
Simple he is a safe character to use. Safe combos/control damages.
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#6IKevenXPosted 6/15/2010 9:20:19 AM
First to shock everyone with a SSJ & SSJ3 both epic transformation.
SSJ3 has an awesome theme from Mr.Falconer, as is what enabled Goku to keep up with the powerlevels during the whole buu saga without the need to train. xD

P.S.: SSJ3 has to charge smashes 4/low(on ground)/high
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#7SonicJetWavePosted 6/15/2010 9:37:27 AM
Only cheap players use the Top Tier characters... >_> i don't use them because they're unfair, but I will admit, I am trying to main Adult Gohan. The ONLY Top Tier character I use.
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#8SonicJetWavePosted 6/15/2010 9:37:56 AM
I mean Adult Gohab's High Tier, not Top...>_>
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#9ZetachiDeQuesPosted 6/15/2010 10:54:50 AM
I've mained Goku in every dragonball game, I dunno about the others that use him though.
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#10TsukasaDsPosted 6/15/2010 11:00:02 AM
I don't use Goku :l
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