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6 years ago#1
When getting the villagers up to three hearts to obtain their wishes, can do this for the Harvest Goddess and the sprites?
6 years ago#2
The sprites have wishes, but not the Harvest Goddess or Harvest King ^_^
"There is nothing sad about being of a fragile race." -Diana, Legend of Mana
6 years ago#3
Thank you.
6 years ago#4
Wait--so villagers only need 3 hearts? I heard "over three hearts".. not that I'm complaining.
Another question, then: As a girl, if I decided to raise the bachelors' hearts to three, would this interfere with all of their total affection points?
Like, I've read that in this game you're supposed to zero in on one poor fellow to avoid causing jealousy and losing affection points between other bachelors. Is 3 hearts too early on to worry about that?
Thanks for any input, and sorry for being an AP newb ^^
I did it 4 2 get teh lulz.
6 years ago#5
It's okay to befriend potential marriage partners up to least 5 hearts. They only get get jealous at the confession scenes you get at 6 hearts.
6 years ago#6
Ah, okay, good to know ^^ thank you.
I did it 4 2 get teh lulz.
6 years ago#7
No need to apologize for asking questions ^_^ To clarify a bit, the ONLY way you can lose affection with other potential spouses is by giving an affirmative answer during a confession event. If you signal you have romantic feelings for that person as well, all the other bachelors/bachelorettes will lose a heart with you. If you tell the person no, they will lose a heart with you, but all other eligible guys/gals won't lose any affection. Note that telling someone you don't have feelings for them doesn't preclude a romantic option later; if you get their hearts back up to 7 again, they will again ask you out to confess, and you can again say yes or no with the same consequences as before.
"There is nothing sad about being of a fragile race." -Diana, Legend of Mana
6 years ago#8

I'm pretty sure it's only with the 6 heart event, that you would lose any of the other elligible spouse's hearts. I'm currently woo'ing Kathy, Candace, And Luna at the same time, so yeah... Usually it would be smart to make the decision at 5 hearts. You never want to lose heart points, since you worked so hard collecting them. Those presents cost money! They aren't easily made. Not everyone is as settling as Jin! Lmao, seriously i wish everyone liked the things he does. AR would be so much easier.

6 years ago#9
You can use yet another strategy for getting the heart levels up with the marriage candidates...

Assuming you are playing as a guy, you can get ALL of the eight bachelorettes heart levels up as high as you want...I have most of mine at 9 or 10 now...

Simply avoid the confession scene completely...once you have the heart levels up to level 5 for the bachelorettes, you continue to speak to them and give gifts...just don't do it before 12:00 and you will be fine...they will only request your presence at the confession scene if you speak to them before noon...

Now, there is a part of this that I do not know yet...my plan is to get seven of the bachelorettes to marry their appropriate rival...those seven will all have level 9 or 10 hearts...once those seven are married, I will then let the confession scene take place with the final number eight bachelorette...I do not yet know if the heart levels of the first seven will be affected by this late stage confession...

Who knows...seems to me that if the other seven are already married, then there is a good chance of no heart level losses on the already married candidates...???...

If you play this strategy, and plan to marry one of the bachelorettes and not the Harvest Goddess or Witch Princess, then you want to avoid getting the heart level up more than 5 on the rival that would normally marry your chosen bachelorette...
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