good cornmeal?

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7 years ago#1
i'm aware that in order to getthis you have to process good corn, but must youreally wait until fall?
i really don't want to wait that long just for one bell since i've alreasy completed the other three.
is there a quicker way to obtain it? such as good corn/cornmeal being sold at a festival or some store?
also in this game you plant a spring crop in any other season, ect, unlike the other game where you could, it just takes longer. so before anyone says buy a phone and call taylor, it's not gonna work.
7 years ago#2
You can grow corn in the summer. I have a crop going right now just for this purpose.

As for being sold at festivals or at any stores...its currently not available at any store as far as I know.
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7 years ago#3
You can grow corn in the summer and if you level up the farm, to level 3 I think someone said, you can buy good corn.

Crops don't grow out of season in this game I believe. My spring crops immediately wilted in summer.
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7 years ago#4
Yes crops do not grow out of season for sure. I kept some cabbage out on the first of Summer and it was all shriveled up...quack.

Well I feel dumb...I'll just buy some corn. XD
Boy, it sure is hard being a!=PhilDuck
7 years ago#5
then where did you get the corn seeds?
i've gotten the cut scene where Taylor came back and said to give him a call but the general store doesn't have phone on sale.
7 years ago#6
nvm the above message, but where can i buy good corn?
7 years ago#7
Horn Ranch, Summer, Level 2.
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7 years ago#8
a level two house?
7 years ago#9
The farm eventually upgrades to level 2, you'll get a letter. For me it happened after I met Anissa and triggered that event.
Then they sent me a letter the next day telling me they had expanded.
There might be a requirement of selling a certain amount of product, did you check the FAQ?
Boy, it sure is hard being a!=PhilDuck
7 years ago#10
no, i'm way too impatient to go through all that >.<
when did you meet Annissa?
do you have to have any requirements to meet her?

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