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7 years ago#1
Ok, so I'm trying to keep my guide-looking to a minimum to keep the game fully enjoyable without spoilers, but I've been mailed lots of letters that everything upgrade to level 2 in Harmonica Town except the Tailor Shop. I did however, check the guide to see what was up... and it says you need to ship 100,000G in Animal Products for the level 2 shop to open.

I found something a little suspicious though... The Ocarina Inn (or whatever other shop that I've already seen at Level 2...) needed 60,000G in Farm Products to be shipped. I checked my reports under the Work tab and it shows that I'd only shipped 54,000G-ish. Strange, no? Does the Others category have anything to do with this?
7 years ago#2
Also, I just got a letter from the Tailor Shop the very next day stating they got more materials and have a wider selection especially in glasses and hats... and my animal product shipping sales are only at 16,000G... So, something's up. Unless the guide means overall sales included from EVERYTHING because then that would be more accurate since my Work tab shows that I've generated about 100,955G as of today for Farm, Animal, Mining, Fishing & Other.

Can anyone verify this? =S
7 years ago#3
That happened to me too but the items that they have now in the store are listed in the guide as Level 1 items. I got my letter on the first of Summer so it maybe that new items within each level are unlocked according to the season.
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7 years ago#4
I believe it's just 100k total shipped.

then 200k etc..
7 years ago#5
Yeah, some of the clothing for both Males and Females are bought in different seasons (Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter only), but luckily can be worn any season.

As the above poster says, I also think it's actually supposed to be 100,000G Total shipped and not just in Animal Products since this is the only solution I see. I thought that was gonna be super ridiculous. >.<

Thanks for confirming it.
7 years ago#6
Just to make sure, you're talking about my guide right? Not the Brady one?
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7 years ago#7
Yep! I read your section in the guide among the Tailor Shop upgrades. It does say Animal Products. My Sonata Tailoring Shop is level 2 now and my animal product shipment is only at 16,000G, but total overall for all the sales is over 100k in G's.

Sorry for the confusion. =]
7 years ago#8
Oh no, no worries, I just didn't want to go rooting around for the problem if it wasn't in my guide anyway.

I'll take a look. It could be that it was changed for the US release, or it could be that I'm just wrong. For stuff like that, it's hard to test, so I did make a few assumptions that might've turned out wrong.
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7 years ago#9
I believe that tailoring unlocked with the total income I had as well, not animal/farm.

This is how I think it'd work personally...

Farm = Seeds/Crops/Saplings/Fertilizer Unlocks
Animal = Animals/Dairy Products Unlocks
Mining = Jewelry Unlocks
Fish = Fish Unlocks
Other = N/A
Total = Other shops without certain ties, (Inn, Tailor, General, etc.)
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