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User Info: RadioBamboo

7 years ago#1
Okay, does using a 2nd wii-mote to 'zap' (for lack of a better word) people/pets really increase their friendship levels? To be completely honest, I don't really think it helps speed it up. Either that, or it isn't really that much of a difference because it still seems to take forever to get a heart with someone.

Does anyone know if it really helps or not?

User Info: Sugar_Celebi

7 years ago#2
It legitimately, officially helps. Not a lot, but it does. It's not like we made it up :P

Well, I'm not the one who said it. But no one made it up. It's real.
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User Info: Voda20

7 years ago#3

Yes, if you "rub" them twice (see hearts), it gives you 5 points.

User Info: littleolmee

7 years ago#4
To expand on this question, is there any magic way to rub them? Lol, what I mean is yes, I have read the explainations on using the second Wii remote & point it at person while with them. When I tried though I got nothing. Do you have to do something at the beginning when you turn on the game to make it accept the second remote? Didn't see any setting for 2 players. Do I need to click A or just point & move it around or what? None of the FAQs really explained it clearly enough for me & I've tried the click A when talk to them & just standing there, no dice. *Sigh* am I destined to never get to rub the one I love? Boy that sounds wrong on so many levels . . . doesn't it?

User Info: Alukashi_san

7 years ago#5
You can't do it when talking to them. It has to be when they're just standing around. You can do it to poeple, wild animals, and livestock/pets. With livestock and pets, though, you can only do it once their entire lives. Anyway, if your secon remote is on, just point it at the screen and a little heart icon should appear. Rub it over whomever until the little tune sounds twice (first notes will pop out, then hearts) You can only do it once a day per person.
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User Info: littleolmee

7 years ago#6
Ah! Thanks so much for the hint, appreciate it a lot. I'll give it a try again. Can only *rub* livestock & pets once? Hmm, wonder why? Oh well, thanks again. Hee, hee watch out Wizard you're about to be rubbed. Lol!
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