Wizard's Birthday

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7 years ago#1
It falls on the same day and Chase's, Spring 23. Today, I found a pontata root in the mines and decided to give it to him since that is what he loves. But he just kept asking about the stuff he wants me to get for the witch's potion! One item is Good Cornmeal, which is a summer crop! Does this mean I can't even give a birthday gift to my potential future husband?!
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7 years ago#2

I did not think Wizard had a Bday in this game - at least not known one...

But yea, till you finish his quest you cannot give him anything.

7 years ago#3
That is correct. You must fulfill his request event to help get the potion ingredients to help the Witch before he'll accept gifts from you.
7 years ago#4
I haven't seen anything on any site listing Wizard has having a known B-day either.
7 years ago#5
Hmmm that is right, fogu doesn't list it but in my strategy guide it says it is the same day as Chase's. Well... Chase's profile was on the page before so maybe it was a mistake? Forgot to erase the chart? XD
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7 years ago#6

Paper guide has tons of mistakes - like copy/paste charts without changing - esp. about people - gifts, bdays and preferences. Even days mixed up sometimes... I noticed Irene gift chart over someone else (Barbara I think, don't remember), Cain and Graig are mixed in one person, lol; lots of gifts are wrong (listed as "loved", but they are not)

7 years ago#7
Huh, well it is worth trying I'm on Fall 1st yr right now I'll keep it in mind when I get to spring cause I'm after Wizard myself & I'll let you guys know. If anyone else is closer to spring & interested in trying maybe they will clue us all in.
7 years ago#8
The four new spouses have no birthdays, which is a bit weird. In past games the goddess would be born on spring 1 or something. I can kinda understand the witch hiding her brithday since she might be a little age-conscious, but still... they were all born at some point.. kind sucks you can't celebrate their birthday's even if you marry them.
7 years ago#9
Maybe they are just so old they don't remember when their B-day is. Well they hide their ages well. Must be some special Harvest Moon of Olay they are using or something. :p
7 years ago#10
In a lot of mystical power structures, information about oneself can be used against you. Your name and blood/teeth/whatever can all be used against you.

Marrying the "special" candidates even uses their real name as a plot point. When I married the Wizard, his reasons for such were related to my point above, so it's probably the same for his birthday.

The mystery... is all part... of the Wizard's allure...

Also... ellipses...

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