how to get honey?

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User Info: winggundam02002

7 years ago#1
Is there any tips or tricks to getting honey efficiently other than just waiting for the bees to be attracted to ur flowers? thanks

User Info: Voda20

7 years ago#2

It's random if you grow 9 or more flowers in soil level below 4.

User Info: crystalsouls

7 years ago#3
if you need it for a recipe or something you can buy it from either marimba farm or horn ranch... I can't recall which atm, but as you upgrade they eventually carry upto perfect honey.

User Info: justsaymoo

7 years ago#4
What about royal jelly? Seems I only ever get honey, but I thought that royal jelly showed up under the same circumstances.

User Info: Voda20

7 years ago#5

Same as honey - if you grow lots of flowers, but on lvl 5 soil.

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