Maybe a tip for milling.

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7 years ago#1
Despite milling under snowstorm weather, milling around 11am may also increase ingredients quality by one level.While after 12am(?),the quality will drop by one level as well as at night.Cuz I haven't test the exact time,there may not be that correct.Has anyone also notice this interesting results?
7 years ago#2
I noticed that snow storm only give out perfect salt and not shining as written in the guide...otherwise, I'll test the 11 pm theory as I have buckwheat to mill in great quantity.
7 years ago#3

because 12am is next day and there is not snowstorm anymore?

Nadyne, there is no Shining salt, it's a mistake in game, Perfect is highest quality you get.

7 years ago#4
Snowstorm can increase quality of items up to 2 ranks. The time has nothing to do with that, its the weather.

Thanks Voda...I was getting frustrated with the weather for a moment...But I seem to recall I got shining salt at the begining of the game before I got the mill fixed...?
7 years ago#5
I mean 12am = noon,not next day.Also found out weather doesn't seem to affect product quality if milling at 11am before noon.
7 years ago#6
Sorry,I used wrong time format..I apologize if that confusing you...
7 years ago#7
I milled my salt during the typhoon that destroyed a good part of my garden and got shining salt, so it is possible.
7 years ago#8

I tried during typoon at windmill, blizzard at my farm, many times - never got shining salt. Dunno what is going on, I asked on forums and was told it is not possible. How strange. What time of day did you mill it?

7 years ago#9
Where did you mill it? Was it before or after you got your farm's mill fixed?
7 years ago#10
Test 1
Game time: 12:45
Weather: Rainy
Location: Flute Field Windmill
Item: Decent coffee bean
Result: Good ground coffee
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