Save file request from a hack idiot.

#1Sitoh_YuequanPosted 11/27/2009 2:34:14 AM
Hello to all great hackers, my name is yue quan. I have posted this request once before but nobody replied. I am a retired RL YuGiOh card player and a newbie cum idiot when it comes to hacking. I hope someone can create fresh save file with 100% card list, 99x to all cards, banlist removed and 'Itachi' as the character's name.

Opening the booster packs and hoping for the cards I want to appear before my eyes is just too time consuming. To me, the true meaning of 'skeelz' is to beat your every of your foes with your ideal deck, and not based on the amount of imba rare cards you have. Having all the cards at the start really helps alot. As for the banlist, I prefer to follow the official ones. Right now I can only put 1 Mezuki in my zombie deck in Tag Force 4 when the latest banlist says 2. :(

I will greatly appreciate your help. Allow me to repeat my request.
1. 99x to all cards
2. 100% card list
3. banlist removed
4. Itachi for the character's name

Thank you.
-Yue Quan
#2Sitoh_Yuequan(Topic Creator)Posted 11/27/2009 2:35:42 AM
To those who are willing to help me with it, you can contact me through MSN.

My email: