Does king of the swamp work for Dragon's mirror?

#1megamanfreakXDPosted 1/26/2010 3:55:24 PM
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#2drake_skullPosted 1/26/2010 3:57:47 PM
Dragon's Mirror: You can use fusion substitute monsters like "King of the Swamp" and "Goddess with the Third Eye" for "Dragon's Mirror".
#3BlackChaosRuinPosted 1/26/2010 5:55:56 PM
Depends on what you are trying to summon. It won't work with Raptinus or FGD because they do not have specific fusion requirements.
#4midgemagePosted 1/26/2010 8:26:51 PM
Depends on what you mean. King of the Swamp will (obviously) not be able to get Dragon's Mirror out from the deck for you, but he'll do fine for fusion material as long as:

A) He is used for a specific fusion material monster
B) The fusion monster in question does not say 'This creature can only be special summoned with the above fusion material monsters'.