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5 years ago#1
I just got news from JoWood that the 'Master Chef' achievement is NOT going to be fixed. I was very disappointed to hear this, but just wanted others to know who may have been holding out for a fix. Say goodbye to 1000 gamerpoints on this game. :(
5 years ago#2
Not really fussed.

Have too many unfinished games in the collection and some are not even worth turning back on to worry about a couple of achievements.

Tho I love Gothic 4 I can put up with the lack off because the game gave a lot of pleasure regardless...
XBL Gamertag: F40
5 years ago#3
I also enjoyed Gothic 4, but getting 1000 points would have brought more enjoyment.
5 years ago#4
XBL Gamertag: F40
5 years ago#5
Haven't checked this board in a while but just read about them not fixing the achievement :( Oh well I was hanging on to this game to see if I could get the 1000 points but it looks like I wont be getting the last two achievements so I guess I will trade it in then. Been hooked on Dragon Age the past few months :)
5 years ago#6
Below is a link to where M.Venum said JoWood did not plan to fix the recipe glitch:

I was extremely frustrated to hear this, and in fact, I haven't given up all hope. I have have continued to send JoWood messages asking them to fix this glitch even after M.Venom said they would not. All other 360 gamers out there concerned about getting 1000 gamerpoints on this game, I need your help. Please message JoWood and tell them that you will NOT buy the upcoming DLC unless they fix the recipe glitch.

Below is the exact message I sent them:

"I am still not giving up on y'all fixing the recipe glitch on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Many 360 gamers desperately want 1000 gamerpoints. If this glitch is fixed, you could include copies off all recipes in the upcoming DLC either as items hidden in the new areas opened by the DLC or as items available for purchase from a merchant. This would not only please 360 gamers, but also result in more sales of the DLC on the 360.
I know it would cost JoWood money to fix this glitch, and it would cost more money to get Microsoft to certify the patch before it is released as a title update on the 360, but it might be financially worth it due to the extra sales on the 360. Also, it would create goodwill from 360 gamers towards your company for fixing this problem. Any reputable company would fix a glitch that did not allow 360 gamers to get 1000 achievement points. Please consider doing this, as it would help the reputation of your company, and it might help y'all financially as well, as I know MANY 360 gamers who desperately want 1000 points on this game.
PLEASE FIX THIS. If it is NOT fixed, me and hundreds of other 360 gamers will NOT buy the upcoming DLC. If it is fixed, we will all buy the DLC, I promise. I think it would help y'all financially in the long run to fix this problem. Please pass this message on to the higher ups in your company and to the DLC department so they can make our wishes a reality.

Please, everyone, send JoWood similar messages!!! It seems like the recipe glitch is an easy glitch to fix, and JoWood could do it if they wanted to. If they know they will be rewarded financially for fixing this (us buying the DLC if it is fixed), then maybe they will consider doing it. Tell them that you will only buy the DLC if the recipe glitch is fixed.

To contact JoWood directly, click on the link below:
5 years ago#7
Is anyone messaging JoWood to encourage them to fix the recipe glitch? It is a simple fix and they just need to know how important it is to us 360 gamers! Then they might actually fix it. Please contact them via this link!
5 years ago#8
They announced today that the US release date for the DLC is 3/25/11

I'm still hoping we can convince them to fix the recipe glitch before then and I need your help. Please message JoWood using the link below:
5 years ago#9
Actually, it may be possible to get the achievement without JoWood patching the game.

The glitch prevents your character from learning certain recipes because the game thinks your character has ALREADY learned them. This glitch makes it impossible to craft certain items because there is no way to get the recipe on your crafting list.

But the game DOES think you have learned the recipe. So it may be possible to get the achievement if 1) the glitched recipes the game thinks you have already learned count towards the achievement, AND 2) all recipes missing from the main game are available in the DLC.

So whether the upcoming DLC will allow us to get the achievement depends on: 1) whether the game counts the glitched recipes towards the achievement or whether the recipes actually have to be in your crafting list before they will count towards the achievement, and 2). whether the recipes missing from the main game will be available in the DLC.

Not being able to craft an item doesn't bother me too much, but not being able to get 1000 points because of a glitch after spending hours trying to do so does bother me.
5 years ago#10
but not being able to get 1000 points because of a glitch after spending hours trying to do so does bother me.

It seems to bother you a lot? Is it really worth getting so worked up about this?
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