For those thinking of buying this game...

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I see a lot of people posting new threads with titles such as "Thinking of buying this game", or "Should I buy it?"

My answer to you is a flat-out "No!"

but I'm not going to provide a negative answer without details, so here goes:

First of all, with so many RPGs out now that let you create a character or at least modify features, this should come standard with any next-gen RPG. Sadly, Gothic 4 barely comes with equipment, let alone the ability for character customization. You barely get a choice of dialogue options in this foul game. I suppose if you love looting fruit and weapons that all do 1 damage, it has a lot of things to pick up. (This is coming from a guy who picked up every paintbrush he could find in Oblivion, but utterly different story there [paintbrushes were bugged, but go to the Oblivion boards for that stuff]). Next, the game is not open world. I've poked my head in a few threads and seen people posting comments such as "OMG this game world is bigger than Oblivion!" This is most definitely not the case. You follow a linear path of endless fetch-quests that can be accomplished in 10 hours, with absolutely no reason to play it ever again. The game world is in no way bigger than Oblivion or even the point-and-click square maps of Dragon Age. The voice acting in this game is beyond stale. Two Worlds 1 was better, because you could rationalize it that it was made so poorly for comedic value. The main character consistently pronounces names and places differently than other NPCs, almost in an attempt to mock your ears. The male and female NPCs all use the same character model, with all the same poses and hand-gestures, and in more than one case even identical clothing. One would think that a game developer would take more time than that on their game world, but I digress. The story is beyond forgettable. I stopped caring about the main quest shortly after leaving the first little island, and continued not giving a crap right up until the credits. For a role-playing game, you are constantly forced into the role of playing a tool for the entire game.

For those that already purchased the game, I hope it was at a store where you can return it and buy something better. For those that were thinking about getting this game but haven't yet, heed the warnings presented in this thread. We are in an age of next-generation games, yet are plagued with ones that just don't stack up to the title of being truly next-gen. My recommendations instead of this would be Two Worlds II, if you want an open-world game with a mediocre story but solid gameplay mechanics, or Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition if you want something that will be worthwhile to play, with an excellent story and the ability to actually influence tha game world and create your own character.
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To each there own, i think the game really gets better a few hours in sure it doesnt have top notch production values but im really liking it now im about 8hrs in
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Gothic 4
Divinity II:DKS
Sacred 2

Thanks my style of RPG's. Maybe old school but thats how I like um.
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I am enjoying it a lot as well.Sad it has gotten lost the way it has.
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"My recommendations instead of this would be Two Worlds II, if you want an open-world game with a mediocre story but solid gameplay mechanics"

You're...kidding right? Two Worlds II was BARELY better than the first and only in the graphics department.

Even then with how many bugs, glitches, and stupid things in-game with it....that's not saying much.

I'd probably put this game on the same scale as Two Worlds II, because they both have horrible graphics (pay attention during talking scenes) and mediocre gameplay.
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My recommendations instead of this would be Two Worlds II

Oh dear! I was almost agreeing with you until this point. BTW I am still waiting for my copy of the game which has been delayed repeatedly.
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What I like about Arcania is the scenery and the strong screen/camera/combat experience. The goal of this game is to run through the scenery and kills things, that's it. Piece of cake. Take a couple of your older games to the store and trade them in for this one.

Two Worlds is good to, large open world, lots of wrong things to do, no pressure to do them right :)
Risen is well, pretty much a jungle island adventure game, any fantasy looking elements is purely incidental.
Divinity 2 is alright, great scenery, and you even get to be a dragon sometimes.
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Thanks for the post..I bought the game for 29.99...Have not played it yet...But I to like the anal RPG's. Well over 1,000 hours in Sacred 2 & Demon Souls..If I get 30-40 hours out of this game I shall be happy.
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1949tcr posted...
Thanks for the post..I bought the game for 29.99...Have not played it yet...But I to like the anal RPG's. Well over 1,000 hours in Sacred 2 & Demon Souls..If I get 30-40 hours out of this game I shall be happy.

What the heck are the "anal" RPGs? Sounds painful.

Anyway, TC is mostly right but TWII is no better. As long as you know what you are getting and at a decent price forgetaboutit and have fun. You get more gameplay out of Gothic 4 than a lot of games.
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Loved this game and I HIGHLY doubt the OP played more than the demo. Sounds like he regurgitated the worst comments from of few reviews out on the web. I debated whether or not I should even respond to this topic because the faster this "review" gets locked and off the front page the better.

This game isn't Oblivion but if you manage to finish the tutorial island it really sucks you in. In fact, Bethesda should should mimic some aspects of this game particularly the weather effects and the absolute absence of load screens.

In Oblivion when you enter a building you get a load screen and appear in what is supposed to be the interior of the building you entered. Arcania takes realism to a whole new level.

For example, you're in a field with several peasants when it begins to rain. The peasants will cover their heads and run for shelter in a pub. You can follow them inside and as you enter the sound changes from that of rain to the soft sound of drops hitting the pub roof. The game is an actual breathing world. You can be exploring the interior of a castle and climbing a tower when you notice it's started storming outside and see the rain hit the stained-glass windows of said tower.

Anyway, ignore the OP. I'd bet $1,000 he played the demo and immediately came here to whine.
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