For those thinking of buying this game...

#11ComfortablySadPosted 4/9/2011 8:58:44 PM
Just thought I'd chime in again now that I've spent almost the entire day playing this game. This is a complete troll topic. People are entitled to their own opinions but the OP is talking out of his ass and there is no way in hell he played past the starting island.

This game has HUNDREDS of weapons, a HUGE map, and to say you can finish it in 10 hours is a joke. OP obviously read the crappy GI review and pretended to have play this game. I'm guessing I'm near the end since I'm almost level 30 and things seem to be wrapping up and finishing this game in 10 hours would be like finishing Fallout 3 in 10 hours if it's even possible to finish this game in 10 hours (doubt it). Maybe if you played on easy, did zero exploring, no side quests, and skipped all the dialog though I still doubt it.

No idea what the OPs problem is but people like him irritate me. He might as well chime in with his opinion on movies he's never watched or at most seen the preview of.
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