Gothic difficulty when playing as a Warrior

#1ronnetPosted 4/16/2011 3:40:39 AM

I've been hearing about how this game is too easy and how even hardcore is easy.So for my firstplaythrough I decided to go for gothic difficulty as a Warrior.

I'm now on the second island and it is getting impossible. Every attack by a creature takes away half my health and when fighting two at the same time it gets close to impossible to avoid all attacks.

So can anyone confirm that as a warrior the game gets easier when you level up? I'm talking about certain moves, or speed increases that make the enemies' attacks easier to miss or reduces their damage.

Right now I'm using magic and my bow to reduce the health to 50% before I engage the enemies as a melee warrior (the way I would like to play). So I can see how a mage or archer isnt impossible on gothic difficulty.