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Gamefly release date now says 4/1/11,did the game get delayed? (Archived)Dubetime99/30/2010
Is there a way to set a way point? (Archived)SixStringHero59/30/2010
Ahh what to do to kill time before release.....Risen or another Gothic (Archived)Insanity_18449/30/2010
"Is that blood?" (Archived)Aesahaettr29/29/2010
Where are the framerate issues you speak of? (Archived)
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secret room/area in the vermin dungeon? (Archived)h8nlaggers69/29/2010
Jowood what did you do? (Archived)gimpydingo39/29/2010
Post here when the XBOX 360 demo is up... (Archived)
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This game (Archived)Finalfa8629/29/2010
besides the framerate i think this demo is pretty good (Archived)h8nlaggers89/28/2010
My Problem (Archived)sage_ghost49/28/2010
(My truthful demo impressions) (Archived)daveslasher59/28/2010
They better fix the bugs (Archived)Highgear56109/28/2010
I know this isn't a Two Worlds 2 board, but this pertains to Arcania as well.... (Archived)Majima0569/28/2010
Get Arcania: Gothic 4 vs getting Two Worlds II OR get both (Archived)
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Do you start over when you get the full game? (Archived)sphanlon99/28/2010
This game should have been released on the PS2 (Archived)13DarkTurtles29/27/2010
Demo impressions!? (Archived)
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I thought the demo was great! (Archived)
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Wow the graphics are horrible and the game runs like crap (Archived)
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