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Need help with problem in Silverlake Castle. (Archived)huntjames311/2/2010
Has anyone found all of the *search for* quests? *spoilers* (Archived)Captnhowdy86611/1/2010
Stuck in Silverlake Orc Cave! (Archived)fatwoodz110/31/2010
RoboAwesome's Review! (Archived)ArcaSpiff110/31/2010
Game is pretty fun: BUT FIX THE FRAMERATE!!!! (Archived)swanlee6969710/31/2010
Stuck at Elements Shrine Quest (Archived)mridzuanl110/30/2010
I'm going to vent my frustrations here. Rpgs just aren't good anymore (Archived)
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God I love this game (Archived)Malthe1310/30/2010
what kinds of magic? (Archived)slader547810/30/2010
OMG!!! Help Me!! Did I screw op? lol (Archived)peterpride210/30/2010
is this a good long game? (Archived)h8nlaggers1010/30/2010
Too many game breaking glitches. (minor spoilers) (Archived)
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Pretty fun, but I would say probably the worst of the xbox 360 european rpg's (Archived)
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Sleeper Amulet question. *Quest spoiler* (Archived)trunks0709310/28/2010
"Sword of Volcanic Glass" recipe not working. (Archived)ragnew510/28/2010
Blacksmith in Tooshoo? (Archived)ragnew410/27/2010
Where to find Daranis below Temple District (Archived)pscarface210/26/2010
It is just fun... (Archived)MarkMc34910/25/2010
How do you get $200,000? (Archived)AshWilliams78310/25/2010
This game is way underappreciated. (Archived)Tripwolf810/25/2010
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