My review on this game

#1RobZombiesPosted 2/19/2011 7:15:52 AM

No effort has been put into this game for 5 years now.This version has no competition with the Show ps2 at all!There hasn't been any batting or pitching stance updates for years now and gameplay is just plain stale.You can have some close games while playing in Franchise mode but nothing exciting at all.I did simulate my season and made it to the world series then played game 7 and won.This does have a super celebration compared to the shows .The only2 things this game has that the Show's don't is game and playerachievments through the season and a great world series celebration.If 2k would find an hour or 2 add in little things to 2k11 it might be woth picking up.If nothing is done to 2k11 why even make a worthless version then?