I have some weird problem for playing this game in 1920x1080 resolution

#1NickTheWizardPosted 2/24/2012 8:58:50 PM
I set my aspect ratio to 16:9 and the screen resolution I have set in windows is also 1920x1080 yet I can only set up to 1280x720. 1920x1080 just doesn't appear...

My specs are...
INtel i3 2100
Video card Radeon HD6850

Windows 7
#2higrPosted 2/28/2012 7:09:40 PM
I also have been having trouble with this game. I get to place where I should be able to get into a armored car with a gun on it early on in the game, but when I pick up the 'key' to get in, it just freezes. I tried uninstalling it and then re-installing it but no improvement.
Anyone have any suggestions?