It could have been a contender!

#1MarikhenPosted 12/6/2012 8:35:50 AM
The audio and visuals in this game are decent enough, and the voice acting isn't gruesomely bad so it doesn't have any flaws that you'd see right off the bat. Instead what it has are a bunch of "little things" that add up to drag the game down into the mud from whence it just cannot rise.

Invisible Walls: This game has more invisible walls than a glass house. Even just trying to move across wrecked vehicles or around buildings can cause you to find invisible walls, and I'm not talking about the "well, maybe it's just the map design and physics" type walls where you just went down an incline you can't clime back up because it's just a little too steep or cars that are packed just a little higher than you can jump. I'm talking about barriers that are blatantly in your way and utterly invisible until you try to either backtrack or manuever freely.

Checkpoints: Great, awesome, checkpoints. The industry's response to "save scumming" so that players can't have "perfect" games. That's all fine and dandy until the checkpoint system deletes anything and everything on the ground prior to the most recent save! It's loads of fun when you're low on ammo, the game saves a checkpoint, you restock, die, and now you're not only low on ammo but the dropped weapons you used to restock with are now gone.

Regenerating health: On the one hand it's great to not have to look for health packs and such all over the place or to risk being up a proverbial tree without a fictitious ladder during a hectic fight, but on the other hand I've noticed that games with regenerating health often allow you to take far fewer hits before you die to compensate for it. When you're playing a game where you can die in a split second on even the average difficulty settings this gets more than a little frustrating after a bit. Oh, yes, and your vehicles have regenerating health too. Considering how akward it is to fly a helicoptor this is a good thing, but in all honesty seeing this sort of thing in a game is just sad.

Enemy accuracy or how they shoot around corners: The enemies in this game are insanely accurate at times. They hit you twice as often with the same weapons as you hit them, and they hit you that often while on full auto even if you're just using burst fire. Topping it all off is being crouched around cover, not being able to see a single opponent, and still dying because they're shooting around corners, or something to that effect, when you can't return the favor.

Lots of weapons, few options: The enemies drop lots of weapons in this game, that's good. Most of these weapons are variations of one another, that's not so good. These variations primarily consist of different scopes/sights and A/V effects. Case in point there are 3 separate light machine guns that I've found. All three have 200 round storage in addition to what's in the drum, all three have the same double drum magazine model, and two sound more or less identical and do equal damage while the third does somewhat more damage with a slower rate of fire. I suppose that it works to make sure that there's really no "best" weapon in this game, but when you see two or three variants of the M16 and you don't even get Crysis' customization options of swapping out scopes, barrel attachments, and such it can be annoying.

Squad audio: There are collectibles throughout the game. You pick them up at your own risk, however, as most of the time while searching for them you're being verbally harassed by your squad members to follow them, keep up, do this, or do that. On top of this they do and say stupid things like "get to cover" when you're seriously injured as if you were too stupid to realize you needed to, well, get to cover.
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Infinite enemies: There are a couple sections of the game where you are faced with seemingly infinite numbers of enemies. Given that in one of the more memorable instances of this you're trying to go from point A to point B by yourself while your squad members lay down rather ineffective covering fire this is a chore. The smart thing to do would be to take out all the enemy troops and then meet up with your squad. The smart thing will leave you out of ammo 20 minutes later wondering how you're going to get across a kill zone. This is, thankfully, by no means a prevalent issue in the game as there's only one area where it's a serious impediment, but it does show up in a couple areas where you're supposed to achieve a specific objective and until then the enemies will just keep coming. That leads too...

Realism and the enemy, they don't know each other: It's a first-person shooter, I get that. Shooters don't work well when you don't have a lot of things to shoot at. Unfortunately when the game starts you off in what appears to be a small town and you proceed to kill enough enemy troops to populate the entire town it's not pretty. This continues on through a bandit camp/village which, apparently, has an unlimited supply of bandits who all wear the same clothing, and ends at the end of the game where I saw an enemy spawned right in front of me when I was trying to push forward farther than intended to have some fun. I'm not joking. One second it was a clear shot to a tower, the next second there was an immobile enemy in front of me.

For all of that, however, and for all of the frustrating amount of bulls*** I put up with, the game is still fairly fun and worth playing if the price is right. The core mechanics are solid, there aren't any glaring bugs (except for that whole thing where enemies can seemingly shoot around walls), and the only serious UI marking issue pertains to grenades as by the time you realize a grenade is near you you can't find it and you can only hope that you don't have to restart from the next checkpoint when it blows.

It's just a shame that the single player campaign has maybe, at most, 10 hours of content.
Stop complaining. I could have done this more painfully. - Dryad from Sacred 2.