STILL CAN"T PLAY online!!!!!!

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  3. STILL CAN"T PLAY online!!!!!!
4 years ago#1
Really now haven't been able to play since Sunday, WTF is this. This game is awesome if online worked but it doesn't. Damn you Homefront!! Can anyone else get online?
(R.I.P Kelsey Shannon)
The world will never be the same without Michael Jackson. :,(
4 years ago#2
Not a friggin-tall, this is a brand new game WTF!!!!!
4 years ago#3
I can get 8v8 skirmish games but not the 32 player battles i bought it for. I havent been able to play ground control since sat. Come on Kaos! Your games dying here!
4 years ago#4
I've had no problems playing this week except for the occasional broken lobby. I have no idea what you you guys problem is, but I don't think it's the game.
4 years ago#5
I'm been having the same problems, I have not been able to get on a online match since Friday.
I keep getting stuck in the Lobby.
They need to patch this soon.
The Firehawk
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  3. STILL CAN"T PLAY online!!!!!!

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