Kinda long for an expansion

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User Info: meestah009

4 years ago#1
I didn't even finish Spellforce 1 and have not even touch 2. Now after almost 2 or 3 years since SF2 there is an expansion? It better be worth it.

Spellforce is great though so i'm not saying its a bad game. Just hoping that (since i just got spellforce universe) that it is worth it.

User Info: lugpoints

4 years ago#2
wow. this game is ancient. they should cancel this and put it in a package deal instead. they need to work on part 3 with a brand new engine that supports dx11. :)

User Info: Destructers

4 years ago#3
I like Spellforce 2 the best, beat it 4 times and 2 times on expansion. I just hope this one really come out this time...

User Info: VladanStef

4 years ago#4
Yes, they really took their sweet time with this. It's been 6 full years since the release of SF2. I really can't recall any game, MMOs excluded, receiving an expansion so late.

User Info: Raxe_Mist

4 years ago#5
This would not have even made it out if not for the intervention of another studio so take it for what it is a blessing. Its also looking like this one has compatibility with windows 7 so thats the bigger bonus.

User Info: anbenlee

4 years ago#6
More like too short if you ask me

Only 4 levels? Damn it
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  3. Kinda long for an expansion

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