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6 years ago#1
Will there be a split screen, or will I have to buy PC version in order to play with my roommates? (who don't have a 360...)
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6 years ago#2
bump. Split screen on 360 is the selling point for me at this point, if there is no 360 split screen, i'm getting PC version...
GT: Al3xei
6 years ago#3

I don't think it has been announced yet. But don't worry. It's shipping in Spring, so that's plenty of time.

6 years ago#4
Co-optimus said it has split screen, but yeah, September is a long way from now
GT: Al3xei
6 years ago#5
who is Co-optimus?

Also will split-screen be online? Thats more important for me.
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6 years ago#6
co-optimus.com shows all co-op games. very cool site for co-op lovers like myself
GT: Al3xei
6 years ago#7
this is what a dev said about it on the SD forums


and here is an article about it

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