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User Info: OCTIGEN

5 years ago#1
On my manager mode it wont let me sign any players! I've got 16000 wage budget to use, and loads to spend and I'm going for 18/19 year olds - even when I offer 6x their current wage and double their price it still just says failed! Has something gone wrong with the game?? Last transfer window I managed to sign loads :/
Also is there any way to find out why they didn't accept the offer or does it just say you failed?

Thanks in advance!
XBL Gamertag - Octigen

User Info: fergiedinho

5 years ago#2

I'm sorry I can't help you but I do agree in thinking the game is broken. I had just taken my Pro all the way to the international cup, couldn't beat Brazil in the semi finals (I'm Australian) so I swiched to controlling the whole team, then after I beat them and was supposed to play Spain in the Final, the game thinks everyone else in the squad is 'my pro'. I couldn't even swap him into the starting 11 as it said "the manager beleives your spot in the starting 11 is safe and trusts you", or something along those lines. . . .so, that is why I snapped the disc in a dozen pieces and threw it in the bin, I was sooo angry. End rant.

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