subdued bracelet...

#1lilbumkidPosted 5/5/2010 2:58:42 PM
i have been farming the flying guys in the desert for 4 hours now and have not gotten a subdued bracelet to drop yet, i am getting REALLY pissed off now, does this enemy even drop it at all? i have gotten 22 metal piercings so far from them so this is getting ridiculous, i am never buying a cavia game ever again, seriously, the drop rates on almost every single item used to upgrade weapons are so low its ridiculous.
#2ChupacabrabraPosted 5/5/2010 4:21:46 PM
Are you killing the flying guys in the desert temple? I think it needs to be those.
Also, put your game to easy mode in the options while you farm, it increases your drop rates.
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From: lilbumkid | #001
i am never buying a cavia game ever again, seriously

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#4lilbumkid(Topic Creator)Posted 5/5/2010 5:49:15 PM
ragnarok, you are retarded if you think that farming an enemy for 5 hours straight to get a single drop is not horrible game design. I will not buy another game from a company who does stuff like that in their games, games are supposed to be fun, not a chore.
#5DesolatePlanetPosted 5/5/2010 7:18:59 PM
LMFAO Have you ever played REAL RPG type games?

Farming for items is PART of the game. I don't care if it takes you a day. It's all "RANDOM". NOTHING is the game dev's fault. If anything, they could care even less. So one kid doesn't want to put real work towards a game. Omg I don't think Cavia is going to be feeling it. If everything were just handed to you, games wouldn't even deserve to be priced at half of what they are now.
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worthless post

And here we see that you're not even old enough to have purchased NIER for yourself. Come back in a few more years, kiddo.
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#7lifestorm2Posted 5/5/2010 9:46:31 PM
I'm actually not sure how you'd go about obtaining it, I'm wondering about that, too.

On that note, it's not as bad as farming for that one-handed ninja sword in FFXII that was great against Yazmat, it took me literally a day nonstop to grab one, and I needed to find three.

I understand why you're upset, but blaming it on cavia is hardly justified, rather, you should be unhappy about how developers can think of doing this in the RPG genre, if you don't like how things go.
#8AlucardIXPosted 5/5/2010 10:21:31 PM
TC, the point is that stuff is totally optional. You can easily beat the game on hard without even reach lvl 3 in enhancement. I'm not sure if you need the subdued bracelet for upgrading weapon or some other crap, but iirc, most upgrade require that material is ridiculously strong. Axe of beheading from lvl 2 to lvl 3 jump from 4xx to 700 damage. The choice is yours, the game doesn't force you to do it. If it's to easy, it doesn't mean much as an achievement. And 5h on a single item is nothing. I used to spend 3 days for an item in FFXII.
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#9lilbumkid(Topic Creator)Posted 5/6/2010 1:55:11 PM
@DesolatePlanet, spending hours of farming is not a problem, the problem is that the MAIN GAME takes 10 hours to complete while the farming takes approximately 50 hours to complete, do you now see why this is quite a problem? If you plan on getting 100% the main game suddenly becomes a small portion of the game while the farming is the vast majority.

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@Ragnarok, I make more money than you ever will.

Typical underage-user sort of response. You're not impressing anybody. Quite the opposite, infact.
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