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6 years ago#111
How can Devola and Popola keep up their facade?

That's what I wondered as well...even before the revelation of their identities, I noticed that they didn't seem to age during the timeskip, and their failure to age must've been even more obvious to Nier who knew them his whole life...heck, why don't other villagers notice? I could sort of excuse Nier on the basis that he's all concerned for Yonah, but I don't know about the others. Especially those Popola stalkers..won't they notice that she hasn't changed her appearance?

The sentence you quoted - the original Japanese is a bit vague on whether they realized their emotions right at the moment, or did not realize it even at the moment, so I wasn't really sure which one to go with. If I chose the alternate approach it'd be "they did not realize their feelings until one second away from being slain by replicant Nier"...which probably matches the game more. Nice catch, I guess I'll fix it.
6 years ago#112
I don't know, I have no clue why people absolutely fail to realize Devola and Popola don't age... unless perhaps they themselves don't age either. But they do age slightly, in the human span of things. So I can't quite figure out why no one bothered realizing... Meh. Maybe there's some things we're missing.
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6 years ago#113
I would've thought that since the replicants had little to no concept of what was considered 'normal' in the old ages, it could be possible that they all don't age and okay with it. However, the lady in the lighthouse mentioned herself aging in one of the letters in Grimoire Nier, so that doesn't seem to be the case.:/

The mystery thickens.
6 years ago#114
^ Quite. I was thinking something along those lines myself.

The fact is, it's probably either a) localization error or b) bad writing in one area.

We have yet to see which one though.
Character: Remidi-Fen Marle, HUnewearl, Lvl. 27, sister of the deceased Tiara-Fen Mei, HUnewearl, Lvl. 37
6 years ago#115
A Little Princess is up.

Excuse the delays, been trying to get a headstart on college apps.
6 years ago#116
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6 years ago#117
I just created a gamespot account to say: thank you ! Thank you for this amazing work of translation you make. I wish my japanese was better to help... But whatever, Grimoire Nier is near from impossible to find in Europe...

By the way, I noticed a little mistake in "little princess": it says that Fyra was 8 years old when she arrived in Facade, but in her profile, it is said that she is 5 years old in Nier's first part ?!
6 years ago#118
^Yeah, there's some weird discrepancy between ages in the book. In Fyra's profile in Abyss of Project Nier, she was 15 when she married, so idk what's going on here. Parallel universe lol
6 years ago#119
Halfway done with Abyss of Nier 2, should be up tomorrow.

There seems to be more evidence for Fyra being 10-15. As I've said above, Abyss of Nier lists her as 15 when she married, and it's entirely possible that she had already worked for two years in Facade before Nier met her(explaining the 8 year old thing in the novels). There seems to be nothing that goes with the idea that she's 5-10.

It's possible that her age was different between Gestalt and Replicant, since the same kind of discrepancy seems to happen with Yonah as well. She's either 7-12 or 10-15.
6 years ago#120
That would be a very plausible explanation. Also, for the problem of Devola and Popola not aging, I think it's not difficult for people who doesn't know what a "normal" human life mean to be "clouded" in a way or another. For example, replicants would think: "they are powerful and wise magicians, it's normal they live longer"...

(Bu the way, forgive my english mistakes, it's not my native language.)
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