Love the soundtrack -- anyone have the lyrics?

#1DunanBubbaPosted 2/24/2011 7:29:54 PM
It's been months since I played this game -- saving the C/D endings for later -- but I found myself listening to the soundtrack again. Amazing.

When the game was first released, Emi Evans mentioned in an interview that she wanted to make the lyrics (in her made-up languages) available; did she ever do that?

Not having official lyrics, I tried transcribing them myself. I think I got most of Song of the Ancients and Shadowlord (what a great song) and am starting on The Wretched Automatons.

But I'm not going to bother if official lyrics are available. ^_^;

#2__Kaine__Posted 3/2/2011 3:27:42 AM

I think they've never been released officially.. with the exception of Shadowlord's Castle in the OST booklet..

As for thetranscribed lyrics.. you can find them in the description of moonravi's Nier OST videos on youtube..

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Kaine, thanks for that! I'd been hoping that official lyrics (and what they're supposed to mean!) had been released at some point.

Since everything's unofficial at this point, maybe I'll post my transcriptions and see what people think of them.

Here's one that Moonravi doesn't seem to have done:

Ultimate Weapon

[vowels as in Latin, colons indicate long vowels; consonants as in English; č, š, and ž are English ch, sh, zh respectively; 'kh' is like in German ich]

U: a: ya:la
U: a: yalala yalala (x2)

Klo ondu yu čra
Ka:d ul va dekh kyaia
Člo fila resez
Okh šiglareig ras čimal
Uražei limašu sikyafei
Kwestalu akhderei kweindeskyu šulateia

Kwančri faitsan nanuša
Iču a lar hadzei dya:ia
Iča la vod eleišan
Iša la vod dinei lamza

U: a: ya:la
U: a: yalala yalala (x2)

Klar uražei klimažu sikyafei
Kwestalu akhderei kweindeskyu šulateia
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Forgot to mention: make sure your web page encoding is Unicode (UTF-8) so that the accented characters show up correctly. I'm in Japan, and Japanese encoding will mess up the letters with haceks (those wedge-like things) on them. Regular Windows encoding will show the s and z but not the c.

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He (she?) doesn't seem to have The Wretched Automatons yet either. Here's my attempt, with the a-capella version on Square's site serving as a great reference:

*Set your encoding to UTF-8*

(colons indicate long vowels; č is English ch; ž is like in English "measure")

Wretched Automatons

Halawerl i akwilyu
Nenekhei aikyu stilyu
Et stanino:bai envo steleiter
Ege zakhwai čran no čeiyu halal labelei

Deservei anacolla
Stanahei sonyo furya
Et staninno:bai envo seleiter
Moflawa žadinya muhwalamor ladilei

Halawerl i akwilyu
Nenekhei aikyu stilyu
Et stanino:bai envo steleiter
Ege zakhwai čran no čeiyu halal labelei

U: maiu: tižu twangan win gweleit
Haustu haučre tižu: weižala:

#6RaizinMonkPosted 3/21/2011 3:32:52 AM
I found a (Japanese) fan's interpretation of Ashes of Dreams - Aratanaru in a video on Nico Nico Douga here:

It's in classic Japanese, with pronunciation and translation in modern Japanese. I'll translate this somewhere soon.

Some of the words are contracted a bit irregularly though. For example in "kowaremu gara", the characters "mu" and "n" where interchangable before the end of WW2, so this is pronounced more like "kowaren gara". And "marude hishou" is pronounced here like "marudei shou", because the h is not always pronounced in old texts, at least when read nowadays.

miau fuigora kuroki chikara ga
sabetsuri shinohari
hokkaeyochi ee boura

*tsubatoru no saba shounu
inori kiura yande
murakararenu sa kowaremu gara
houyou mukanai yo
marude hishou

nouro hima sara tarashi
ikana josai kiyochi inochi kere
tami yo fuina horobiki
saa mi no towara
kiseki oki naru machi yo
okkai no noriatsu
shonaka chi yo
kayatsu bari

ikasu reiki wo kurai
mamono shika yufu
sekarashii no hassou nogaratsu
roshira komawonai

repeat *
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RaizinMonk, I'd love to see that; do you have to register with Nico Video just to watch their videos?

#8DunanBubba(Topic Creator)Posted 3/28/2011 1:56:03 PM
OK; I"ll concede and sign up for Nico so that I can see that. I read and speak modern Japanese just fine, but I can barely understand any of that classical stuff!

Did Moonravi ever do "Grandma"? If not, here's my rendition:

* Set your browser's encoding to UTF-8 (Unicode) so that the accented characters show up *

Kyarei ukwali dondu priavei flavei i mutononu
Sovla: dormusi armakhanero isa: setuda meišon
Luri sina syederei
Luri an sedali fei
Luri žibarakh salu
Luri mandrana sedyu

(The "r" sounds are somewhat like trilled Rs and somewhat like that weird sound that many French speakers use for the letter R. I don't speak French myself.)

Maybe I;ll just post all the transcriptions I've done, and people can compare them to Moonravi's, pick out mistakes in each one, and come up with something definitive.

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Has anyone, Moonravi included, ever done "Hills of Radiant Winds"? I can't find anything for it, and since I dislike this song (^_^;) I don't want to transcribe it myself.

#10DunanBubba(Topic Creator)Posted 4/17/2011 7:03:49 AM
Here are some of the other ones -- it feels like Temple of Drifting Sands has the word "Yonah" in it, and that Incomplete Stone has "Gestalt".

**Set your encoding to UTF-8 (Unicode) to that the accented characters will display correctly**

temple of drifting sands

Duoiče in dondra fenči la, yuvelila in drifa onde ila
Yonah dresti lanču feranda
Derči savi ya:a plerti visalu igontra
Duoiče in dondra fenči la, yuvelila in drifa onde ila

Tančra vanu fenči teva leva
Tandže lami legrima
Tančra fendei kuna korum načei
Varla vedei flendola

Manomedži ilfa džionma delanma
Ani žandi iluma flerče sovila
Eskla bela dan vifa solo ingonča
Non vilamel čuvila frei vaselu

incomplete stone

[male voice]
Azerie olta lazi uzateste ofi geštalt
Oza dara elsidavi vizi kada sol episa

Azerie olta lazi uzateste ofi geštalt
Oza dara elsidavi vizi kada sol episa

Raus sike nava:r renzo vuzi kada:z
Džena šiye nakaiz vidi edi fside:

[female voice]
Aliria eleriu elirie ulurio
Aliria iliria uliriu eleriu

Raus sike nava:ar renzo vuzi kada:az
Džena šiye nakaiz vidi edi fside: