Where are the ghosts?

#1HerrixPosted 11/30/2010 1:13:50 PM

One of the things I remember from this game is the weird secret stage in Episode 3, in which you have to run away from the ghosts from Pac-Man. I accessed Floor 10 in Episode 3 in this incarnation of Wolfenstein and I can't find the ghosts anywhere. Where are they? Is there some sort of licencing issue that prevented them from appearing in this version of the game?

#2MEGAMURPosted 11/30/2010 4:00:01 PM
I honestly don't know much about the level (never accessed it legitimately). Perhaps the skill level you'd set the game on was too low? Some enemies disappear on lower skill settings.
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#3Herrix(Topic Creator)Posted 12/1/2010 9:16:53 PM

I appreciate the reply. It's a good thought but actually I've been playing on Death Incarnate for maximum carnage. I guess they must have replaced the ghosts with regular enemies (officers, SS and those floating Dracula Hitlers or whatever the hell they are). I can't remember if they were there along with the ghosts or not, but the ghosts themselves were creepy. As far as I know, they couldn't be killed and if you touched them, you took a lot of damage and usually would die.

Even if there was a copyright issue with the ghosts, it'd be nice if theykept them but replaced them with another skin. They really gave that secret floor a unique feel.