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7 years ago#1

Crysis 2's official forums are on, and they have many different community managers that post around on the forums and look at the users posts. Currently there is a thread on there called "Console Controls". I looked at the thread and didn't like the OP's control scheme (it was very weird - Y to melee, RB to shoot, LB to zoom, ect...), so i made my own list of controls that i think would work great for the game.

The link to my reply is:



My control scheme is in orange. The OP's control scheme is in green.

Obviously not everything can be perfect. Before you disagree with my control scheme you have to realize how many different actions there are in Crysis compared to other games like CoD or Halo. But otherwise, just look at the control scheme and try to imagine it on a controller, it seems like it could work.

If you like my control scheme, sign up at and post a response saying that you like Chupa's control scheme. If enough people post Crytek may consider testing it and if they like it, then we wont have to worry about crappy controls ruining the game. Since we know the graphics are going to be good, and probably the gameplay if you like Crysis games, then controls are the only thing that can ruin this game. We can fix that thought :D

Keep in mind that Crytek devs has already posted in that topic numorous times, so we dont need to worry about them noticing the thread. Anyone with a name like Cry-Example is a Crytek dev.


grantsrosen / Chupa

7 years ago#2

Can you repost you reply here since I couldn't see your post over there.

7 years ago#3

Your control scheme looks good, since it's similar to that of COD which I also think that has the best control in FPS genre.

But I think it's better to use RB for grenade instead of Y.

7 years ago#4

Yeah i tried to make it as similar to CoD's as possible. I too think its better to use RB as grenade, but that means that You wold have to hold Y to pull up the suit menu. Since you usually hold Y with your right thumb, that means that you wouldnt be able to move the right stick to select your suit power. That means that you would instead have to change that function to holding Y and moving Left Stick, but that means you wouldnt be able to move while choosing which suit power you want.

Trust me, a lot of thought went into making that control scheme :D

I had to constantly switch stuff around to make it all perfect. Its like a domino effect, if you change one button to another, a whole series of things must be changed :P

Also since i had weapon customization set to LB, and wanted suit powers to be almost the same way of choosing them (since they are both similar), it made sense to make it RB (same button, just other side of the controller).

Thats why, in the case of Crysis, it makes more sense to have Y as throw grenade and RB as the suit menu. Besides, Y isnt weird of a button to throw grenades. I could get used to it pretty fast.

Just remember, you have to consider how many actions you can do in Crysis compared to other games. You must set up the controller to make buttons feel nice and in place, not just import CoD controlls and then map all the rest of the actions randomly to other buttons :) (not saying thats what you were implying, just saying that for any future people who question somewhat odd button placements).

Im not sure if that really made sense, but just trust me, and glad to here you liked it for the most part :D

7 years ago#5

By the way in case anyone is having trouble with the link or cannot find my post (even though the link leads right to it :P ) here is my control scheme copy and pasted:

Forward = Left Stick

Backward = Left Stick

Strafe Left = Left Stick

Strafe Right = Left Stick

Lean Left = Don't Know, maybe it'll have to be taken out of consoles, similar to CoD4 Pc having lean when the consoles didn't

Lean Right = Don't know, same as above

Stand Up / Jump = A

Sprint = Click Left Stick

Crouch = Press B

Prone = Hold B

Shoot = RT

Weapon Melee Attack = Click Right Stick

Fire Mode = D-Pad down

Reload = X

Drop Weapon = Not necessary

Binoculars = D-Pad Up

Zoom / Alt Fire / Viewmode = Hold LT

Customization Menu = Hold LB, then move Right Stick to select weapon attachments, similar to FEAR 2's selecting weapons

Next Weapon = D-Pad Right (Hold D-Pad right to use Fists)

Previous Weapon = D-Pad Left (Hold D-Pad left to use Fists)

Grenade Throw = Y

Night Vision = Hold Up on D-Pad

Short Range Weapon Toggle = Not necessary (Next Weapon Button)

Assault Weapon Toggle = Not necessary (Next Weapon Button)

Explosives Toggle = Not necessary (Next Weapon Button)

Suit Modes Toggle = Double tap A = High Jump, double click Right Stick = Strong Melee, double tap B = Cloak, double click Left Stick = Speed, press LB = Armour

Utilities Toggle = (Next weapon button)

Grenade Type Toggle = Hold Y

Interact / Enter / Exit = Hold X

Quick Save = Start -> Save Game

Quick Load = Start -> Load Game

Load Last Savegame = Start -> Load Last Savegame

Suit (Quick) Menu = Hold RB then move Right Stick (just like with weapon attachments only RB instead of LB)

Open / Close PDA = Back/Select

Open / Close Map = Start

7 years ago#6

Forward = Left Stick
Backward = Left Stick
Strafe Left = Left Stick
Strafe Right = Left Stick

Stand Up / Jump = A

Crouch = Pressing right stick (drop-shot controls) *
Prone = Holding right stick (drop-shot controls) *

Sprint = Pressing Left Stick

Shoot = Right Trigger
Zoom / Alt Fire / Viewmode = Left Trigger
Grenade Throw = RB

Weapon Melee Attack = B

Reload = X
Pickup/swap weapon = hold X

Fire Mode = D-Pad DOWN
Customization Menu = D-pad Right (open quick-select menu, move R Stick to select an option and press A)
Suit Modes Toggle = D-pad LEFT (open quick-select menu, move R Stick to select an option and press A)

Weapon Change / Grenade type toggle = D-pad UP (open quick-select menu, move R Stick to select an option and press A)

Binoculars / night vision / Utilities Toggle = Back button/ select button (open quick-select menu, move R Stick to select an option and press A)

Interact / Enter / Exit = Y (could be incorporated into the X button, leaaving Y as an extra button for you guys at Crytek to figure out what to do with)


If you like this then mention Dlimits controls, OP yours is Decant but has some issues. like grenades with Y, no leaning system, and this is my preferencve but I use RS instead of B to crouch prone and vice versa (dropshot controls). the RS and B can be an option but otherwise i incorporated almost everything into the controls. and i didnt even use the Y button. so that is space for Crytek to work with. if you like this then Support Dlimits on the forum. but i think we here all need to modify eachothers controls into one perfect set-up

7 years ago#7

Lean Left/Right = Hold LB and press LS in the direction you desire to lean

7 years ago#8
I have one suggestion. You can move the button for suit menu to LB and have no button for customization menu. It's not that important to have a dedicated button if it can be accessed from the radial menu. So you can then move grenade to RB and switch grenade to Y.
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