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Year 3 Chapter 1 Blue Crest (Archived)lostinthematrix112/15/2010
Student in peril glitch? (Archived)TUUK2003212/13/2010
Need Info On Where The Last Few Things Are (Archived)xxnike629xx512/13/2010
I Can't Find The 1 Last Gold Brick (Archived)xxnike629xx312/13/2010
Quidditch field gold brick & charactor stud (Archived)TheSteeleMan97112/12/2010
Where Is Red Brick 2 & 11? (Archived)xxnike629xx712/11/2010
Can't enter defense against the dark arts class... (Archived)joshw2011612/10/2010
What the, just found out about this game now... (Archived)San_09412/10/2010
How Do You Open The Chests And Whatnot With Red Sparkles? (Archived)xxnike629xx312/9/2010
HufflePuff Area? (Archived)BigGuy230112/7/2010
Getting back into the trap door to get Red Brick 12 (Archived)Mr_Mikey_Y212/7/2010
Any news on years 5-7? (Archived)king_zombie1985312/6/2010
Using new characters in Free Play (Archived)KlondikeSPY312/5/2010
How can I make my custom character be in a Slytherin sweater? (spoilers perhaps) (Archived)sonofkorol112/4/2010
Defence against the dark arts room glitch(the one that leads tothependulum room) (Archived)adamroberts123312/2/2010
possible glitch (Archived)gamelord456111/28/2010
They have to make LEGO: Harry Potter Quidditch (Archived)residude77111/24/2010
Ravenclaw Gold Bricks (Archived)mgr1984111/22/2010
how do i get back in to freeplay at hogwarts harry potter lego 99.9% (Archived)screm1234211/21/2010
2 more Gold Bricks that arent there... (Archived)Puthy5553x211/21/2010
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